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    error 32004/update error

    hey everyone i got call of duty black ops for christmas and i havent updated all year but when i tried to update it wouldnt let me saying 32004 error which means slow internet. i know i dont hav a slow internet and I am connected to the internet and i have reset my router, cleared my internet...
  2. B

    Wiikey 2 - error updating

    Hello. I tried to update my Wiikey 2 chip. I get this message: "Sorry, no Wiikey 2 found" What can be wrong?
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    Wii Won't update

    I just got COD Black Ops today and was hoping to do some mad gaming but when I put it in it asked to update, like every other time i did but within a couple of seconds it said the update failed. I tried to update from the Wii settings menu and it stays for a couple of minutes then i get error...