error 32004/update error


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Jan 1, 2011
hey everyone i got call of duty black ops for christmas and i havent updated all year but when i tried to update it wouldnt let me saying 32004 error which means slow internet. i know i dont hav a slow internet and I am connected to the internet and i have reset my router, cleared my internet and redid it, changed my DDS, and unpluged and repluged my Wii. Maybe it's just my shitty luck but the help line is also off until tommorow, so I need a possible solution.
OOOOOOOR maybe the servers are messed up can someone help me?:frown5::frown5::frown5:
yep i have the same problem also ,error 32004 can not do a update also i can not play donkey kong returns and michael jackson exp. games. I have onnection with internet but no update is working ???
I have also a topic on this forum but they say you must change the router in channel 1 ore 11 ?? i can not find this. I called nintendo service and the guy said that i must send the console to the technical service ... i pretty sure that its only software !!! Hopefully get i soon a answer that is good news !!!!