1. S

    USB Port Replacement

    Ok, so my friend's little brother tore a usb cable out of the back of his wii, shattering the usb port on the right. It will no longer read anything and the left one will only work with a lan adaptor, won't read HDD or anything. I want to replace the usb 2.0 ports and I was thinking of...
  2. J

    usb port - what exactly is it for?

    the wii system comes with two usb ports, what are their capabilities? is it simply just for a wired connection to the internet? or can they possibly do anything more such as run an external hard drive? thanks for the input, all comments are appriciated :)
  3. augur

    Using a third-party USB ethernet adaptor?

    My Wii is connected to the Internet quite happily using my WiFi wireless router at home, but I would like to have some experience with connecting it to a wired network as well. I was just wondering if it is necessary to buy the official USB ethernet adaptor, or if any adaptor will work? I have...
  4. T

    Connect Wii to PC to share Internet

    Right now I use comcast internet on my PC, however, we are moving to a condo in a rather remote place where they don't have comcast. The resort has its own wifi. We don't have a wifi modem, but we do have the wii that can get wifi. Is there a way to connect the wii to the pc, via usb or...
  5. M

    USB Ethernet adapter that works

    Have just bought a USB to ethernet to avoid using wireless. It works perfectly using the settings for a wired connection and only cost £5.85 (free P&P) from eb auction site. I have no interest in the company, just thought I'd share something that works so easily and is cheap. seller szjskj2007...
  6. D

    Problems with Wii Microphone

    I got Rock Band for my children for Christmas. The initial microphone lasted Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday. It was working one song and then would not work the next song. We went out and bought a new microphone. The second one was a Logitech. We purchased that on Sunday. We used...

    HELP-USB Wifi Connector wont work

    I have a Nintendo Wifi USB connector and it used to work fine, but i tried to connect my wii to it and its fine up until i try the connection test, then it has an Error(52140) and wont connect.the same thing happens when i try to connect my DSi but with a different error code, my friend came...
  8. N

    External USB Hard Drive (120Gb)

    Hey Guys. I am plannnig to buy an external hard drive to store my games and channels, instead of doing it directly in my wii memory. Can anybody tell me if this is posible and if anyone had done it before ??? Thanks.