USB Port Replacement


WiiChat Member
Nov 27, 2010
Ok, so my friend's little brother tore a usb cable out of the back of his wii, shattering the usb port on the right. It will no longer read anything and the left one will only work with a lan adaptor, won't read HDD or anything.

I want to replace the usb 2.0 ports and I was thinking of cracking open the wii, de-soldering them, purchasing this and soldering two of the hubs usb 2.0 ports back onto the Wii's board. Anyone ever tried this or know if it would work? I can't find replacement wii ports but I am thinking there should be no difference between them and any standard usb 2.0 hub.

Try using another source to the same input. If it clears up, you have a cable problem to that receiver.