Wii and USB...The possibilities?


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Sep 27, 2006
Alright, so we all know, the Wii will have 2 USB 2.0 ports. I looked on google, but couldn't get a clear pic, on what the possibilities of the USB ports could be. I know the basic stuff, but I have a much deeper wounder. Mainly, external HDD support. An external Hard drive, would be awesome. They are cheap also. But, Nintendo could easily, not let it happen/supported. It could stop hacking alot, and as well as easy transfering of it's virtual console downloads. I would be bummed if it cannot be supported. I also heard, USB flash drives can work on the Wii. What types of data are supported you think? MP3's, Movies, Games, etc? I know pics will. But, flash memory isn't cheap for large amounts. It has gone down, yes. But wait, a flash USB drive could also transfer virual console games and Roms....hmmm. If it did supported an HDD, would movies, music, and other media work? I know some wouldn't work. Alot actually. Not PC software of course. But, mainly just media, that doesn't require an OS to play, just the right codecs/players. Anyother info on the capabilities of the USB and Wii? Any good sources/sites? This really interests me, but I have a feeling I might be let down. Even so, I am still getting the Wii and it will rule.

Ross :arf:
I love the ideas you have come up with.. And i was thinking i would pick up a cheap, crappy usb keyboard.. So that i could surf like 5 times better..
I really don't know.. but i assume if they do let extarnal drives of anything alowwed alot of homebrew will be included.. So im excited for that because i use homebrew on all my systems :)
hopefully it will have generic compatiablity with normal usb devices, being that the os can actually be updated if it doesn't contain a driver to allow this they may add later on, I have heard in an interview with one of the nintendo execs that they spoke of USB HDD support but didn't confirm anything, being that Wifi and bluetooth are on the console it would only make sense for this to be HDD or regular usb device support since they would just make an attachment to the wiimote for any add-ons they have planned, like a keyboard, but this usb would make support for much cheaper devices to use and everyone would then have accesories already in thier area. Guess we just have to wait and see.

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