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    USB Port Replacement

    Ok, so my friend's little brother tore a usb cable out of the back of his wii, shattering the usb port on the right. It will no longer read anything and the left one will only work with a lan adaptor, won't read HDD or anything. I want to replace the usb 2.0 ports and I was thinking of...
  2. R

    Is my Wii broken?

    A few days ago I had my wii in sleep mode(yellow light) and my cat came over and hit the off switch on the power strip. When I turned the strip back on my wii would not turn on. I've kept my wii plugged in and have attempted to turn it on over the last few days, but it still will not work. The...
  3. D

    Problems with Wii Microphone

    I got Rock Band for my children for Christmas. The initial microphone lasted Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday. It was working one song and then would not work the next song. We went out and bought a new microphone. The second one was a Logitech. We purchased that on Sunday. We used...
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    FREE Nintendo Wii!?!?!??!?!

    I just received my Nintendo Wii in the mail from I saw a small dent in the box but nothing big. Amazon wanted me to post my feedback and when I said that it had a dent in it, they sent me an email saying another Wii has been shipped at no charge with one day shipping. I could not...