FREE Nintendo Wii!?!?!??!?!


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Dec 6, 2009
United States
I just received my Nintendo Wii in the mail from I saw a small dent in the box but nothing big. Amazon wanted me to post my feedback and when I said that it had a dent in it, they sent me an email saying another Wii has been shipped at no charge with one day shipping. I could not believe what I was seeing. This is the second life someone like this has happened when I bought wireless headphones and a sound transmitter thing that came with it had a broken plug and they just sent a new one free. is so awesome!

the pictures i attached are cut off since there is private info i cannot


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I'm assuming they're going to want you to send the other one back... hmm...
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well lucky you. if your nice you`ll return to sender cuz there out 200 bucks

I am just going to give it to my best friend that doesnt have one. I'm being nice :p though i was thinking of making a video "I have 2 Nintendo Wiis" lol jk
Or ebay it. But seriously some seller are nice so its up to you. Basically they do so much volume its not a big deal for them. Better than getting bad feedback.