1. Timothy Love

    What's the best winter Nintendo theme?

    I personally voted for “Snowman” from EarthBound Beginnings,but I’m curious to hear y’all’s opinion!
  2. DavidMapes

    Hello from Las Vegas!)

    Hello everyone! Day after day wiil arrive my new Nintendo ) I already have PS4 but want something new! Glad to see you people
  3. M

    Wii Issue

    I have a black Wii the model # is RVL-001(USA) the serial # is LU204626273 I have grey Aokin AV cable cord ending with the white,yellow and red ports, the model # for it is RVL-009 I have a Console power AC adapter cord with the model # RVL-002 and it also has i think this is the serial #...
  4. philipaustin55

    Black Friday Deals For Nintendo Gaming

    I am creating this thread so everyone can share good black Friday deals here for gaming and nintendo, I have found few deals so sharing it here : Overwatch Legendary Edition - $25 (save $15)
  5. M

    Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Out On Wii in Europe July 6

    Nintendo announced today that Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise will be dancing into European stores on July 6. This is the first time that the game has appeared on a home console rather than a handheld, with the Wii version featuring 50 brand new rhythm games, as well as the eccentric characters...
  6. M

    Enclave: Shadows of Twilight RPG Coming to Wii on May 22

    TopWare Interactive announced today that the RPG, Enclave - Shadows of Twilight, will be coming to the Wii on May 22 2012, in cooperation with developers Dojodoo Enterprise, marking the first time that the franchise has appeared on a console. The game mixes the features of the award-winning 2003...
  7. M

    Nintendo’s President Iwata Says Wii U Will Focus On Core Gamers First

    Eurogamer reports today that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has been talking about the Wii U at an investor Q&A meeting following on from Nintendo posting its first ever annual loss last week. In the meeting, Iwata said that Nintendo has learned from mistakes that it made with the Wii, meaning...
  8. M

    Nintendo Sheds More Light on Project Zero: Wii Edition

    Nintendo has today released lots of spooky details about the forthcoming Wii edition of Project Zero 2, which it will be releasing on June 29 in Europe, in partnership with Tecmo Koei Games. The Wii-exclusive relaunched version of the game includes all-new motion gameplay features, and...
  9. M

    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Snubs Wii U Because Developer Says Wii is a “Toy”

    Eurogamer reports that Trent Oster, ex of BioWare and EA, and now with Beamdog, whose subsidiary, Overhaul Games, is currently developing Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for PC/Mac/iPad, has been tweeting most emphatically about the chances of the game also appearing on Wii U, which are...
  10. M

    New Super Mario Bros. Game Confirmed for Wii U

    Eurogamer has confirmed some very exciting news from Nintendo today, which will make us all even more excited about Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console, namely the fact that it will be announcing a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U at E3 this June. The confirmation from Nintendo follows...
  11. M

    Possible Wii U Haptics Tech Peripheral Lined up for E3 Demo

    Make no mistake about it, this year’s E3 is going to be all about the Wii U, with everyone expecting Nintendo to launch its next console in grand style at this June’s gaming extravaganza in LA. This means that peripheral makers are also getting ready to reveal their Wii U-compatible wares, and...
  12. M

    Wii U Could Retail for $300

    GamesIndustry International reports today on news from Canadian media collective, Forget the Box, which says that it has heard from sources involved in the manufacture of Nintendo products that the cost of materials for the manufacture of the Wii U will be around $180, with $50 of that...
  13. M

    Xenoblade Chronicles Finally Arrives in the US

    This weekend is a very special one for Nintendo RPG fans in the US, as will be the first weekend they’ve had to spend with their brand spanking new copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, which has finally been released for the Wii in the US as a result of a concerted campaign of fan power (Operation...
  14. M

    Nintendo Addresses Negative Rumours About Wii U’s Graphics

    Eurogamer reports today that a Nintendo spokesperson has been talking about the recent rumours regarding the Wii U’s graphics. According to a report on GamesIndustry International on Monday, anonymous developers and sources are saying that the Wii U is having trouble replicating the sort of...
  15. M

    Has the Wii U’s Release Date Been Revealed?

    MCV reports today that according to Wii U Daily, Japanese retailer Media Land may have inadvertently revealed the release date of the Wii U. Apparently Media Land sent an email round to its employees in Japan stating that Nintendo’s new console will be launched on November 18 in North America...
  16. M

    Aliens: Colonial Marines Developer Sings Wii U’s Praises

    Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, the man behind such games as Half Life: Opposing Force, Halo: Combat Evolved for PC, and Brothers in Arms, has been talking to The Verge about the Wii U, and he has some very exciting things to say about Nintendo’s forthcoming console. Gearbox is currently working on...
  17. M

    First Ever Squash Video Game Announced for Wii

    Strange as it may seem, there has never been an official Squash video game. Of course there have been plenty of video games involving squashing, with some gaming heroes such as Mario being pastmasters of the art of squashing, but no such thing, until now, as an official game involving the sport...
  18. M

    Ubisoft Talks Wii U Digital Games Strategy

    Eurogamer reports today that Ubisoft has been talking about its approach to Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console, and specifically the possibility of making digital versions of its games available. Ubisoft’s man in charge of digital, Chris Early, told Eurogamer that Ubisoft has learnt its...
  19. M

    Activision Releases More Details on the New Version of Battleship

    Activision has just released new information about its forthcoming game Battleship, which is due for release in April in Europe and May in North America. The game is inspired by Hasbro’s classic naval strategy game of the same name, and is a seek-and-find adventure with turn-based strategy...
  20. M

    Horror Game Project Zero II Coming to Wii

    Nintendo this week announced via its Nintendo Direct video newsletter that the very creepy horror game Project Zero II will be coming to Wii. Talking about the game in the video announcement, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata described it as a “horror adventure where you explore a village that has...