virtual console

  1. M

    Mega Man X, Mega Man 5 and Super Street Fighter 2 Coming to Virtual Console in March

    Nintendo has today announced that some cracking classic games will be coming to the Wii Virtual Console this March. In particular, Mega Man fans are in for a treat with the release of both Mega Man X and Mega Man 5, and beat ‘em up fans can look forward to the appearance of Super Street Fighter...
  2. V

    Donkey Kong Country missing from Wii Shop Channel !!!

    It was there last week along with DKC2 and DCK3 on the SNES page. I just got extra points today and was going to download the original Donkey Kong Country, but I can't find it anywhere. Both DKC2 and DKC3 are still available though. DKC's page is still on the Nintendo Site though...
  3. B

    This Virtual Console game isn't working?! Is this a glitch?

    I bought Super Mario Bros. (1985) from the Wii Shop in January 2009 (I know.. a long time ago!) and everything was fine until about a couple weeks after it suddenly stopped working. I only got to play it a couple times. This is what happens: -I click the wii channel and press start like...
  4. FCB10

    New VC

    I recently bought 2 NES games: Mega Man Castlevania Mega Man My first VC was Mega Man II. I bought this one first, because many fans look at this game as the most popular one of the series. And I can't blame them. It's very good. So I bought Mega Man. I love it. I freaking love it. The...
  5. SatanicJay

    One New game... Or A buttload of virtual console titles??

    I'm trying to decide whether I should buy a new, fifty dollar game for my wii, or just get the same amount in Wii points, which I think would get me as many as five or six virtual console titles.... any thoughts??
  6. R

    Lag/delay with WiiRemote and WiiWare games

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is normal when playing WiiWare and Virtual Console games there is significant lag with the WiiRemote and the game? For example i just purchased Megaman 10 and within the game the lag is clearly over 0,5 seconds when jumping/shooting. This adds a bit too much to the...
  7. C

    Strange bug I-m having with VC titles

    So, here's an interesting problem: I was trying to play some VC games some days ago when all of a sudden, on both the Classic controler and the Wii-mote, some games won't recognize the buttons at all. I know this is a bit hard to understand, but here are the current examples I have: Button x...