wii accessory

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    Lifespan of a wii game cd?

    When a game is used always? or rarely? or just used moderately?
  2. N

    what do people think about micro pocket projectors for the wii?

    hey everyone, I am truly curious if there is a projector out there that can be used for the wii, but isn't some $1,000 monstrosity!? I wanna be able to travel with the projector and my wii. I feel like those are simple enough desires in life. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas!?
  3. K

    smart strip power strip out that protects Wii systems

    Hey fellow Wii gamers, Im letting everyone know that there is a surge protector called the Smart Strip Power Strip made that stops the laser on your Wii system from burning out. This avoids you from having to buy another game system with in 3 to 4 years.. I believe its from bits limited. Here is...