what do people think about micro pocket projectors for the wii?


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Nov 12, 2010
hey everyone,

I am truly curious if there is a projector out there that can be used for the wii, but isn't some $1,000 monstrosity!? I wanna be able to travel with the projector and my wii. I feel like those are simple enough desires in life.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas!?
Are you sure you want a projector? Something like the Pico Projector might be what you're looking for. It's not too expensive, and it will definitely show. I personally don't use it or have seen it but after reading some reviews it seems the quality isn't that great and the screen may be too small.

However, if you can deal with those cons the projector is tiny and may possibly be the perfect fit for you. It takes in composite video (through an included mini-RCA adapter), which will be perfect for the Wii.

Personally, I would rather buy a small monitor with composite inputs for around the same price but if convenience is a factor, i guess I would give this a try.

EDIT: And be sure to read the reviews!
Try using a Wii Battery Pack that lasts for 6-12Hrs in one charge, plus a Portable DVD player with a Composite input instead.
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I checked out the optoma and it does look good and I had a portable dvd player but the small screen makes it difficult to see at times.
I want something travel sized but if the resolution is good enough, the size can be negotiable.

One of the related products that showed up on the amazon listing was aaxa products. They are a newer company but the reviews for their products are sensational. Their newest product is the AAXA Tech M2 Micro Projector. Its resolution of XVGA is unheard of for projectors in this size. I was digging around and I even found a screen shot of it!!!

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2
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I did a little bit more research about the m2 and next thing I knew it was at my front door. I couldn't resist buying one and seeing the quality for myself. It blew my expectations away! In low light I could produce 80" images and in the dark 100"+!! The fan gets annoying but plug in some surround sound speakers and it'll be a problem of the past.

Here are some pictures!

img 008.jpg

img 096.jpg

imgr_ 017.jpg

img 050.jpg
Hey, that does look pretty cool. Anybody have pictures of a Wii hooked up to one of these projectors?
man a projector with a video game system
now that brings back memories.

i used to play my gamecube with a projector Super Smash Bros: Melee FTW! xD

Now i want a projector for the wii lol