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    Pico Projector experience with WII zelda skyward sword

    Does anyone else regularly play games with a projector (fullsize, micro or pico). I have the aaxa p4 which is 80 lumens and its just enough for me to play happily in a dimlit room. I got Zelda and though I'm only 6 hrs or so into the game it's already getting extremely addicting. The...
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    what do people think about micro pocket projectors for the wii?

    hey everyone, I am truly curious if there is a projector out there that can be used for the wii, but isn't some $1,000 monstrosity!? I wanna be able to travel with the projector and my wii. I feel like those are simple enough desires in life. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas!?
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    Wii on Dell 2100MP Projector

    Borrowing a Dell 2100MP DLP Projector. Was hoping to hook it up to my Wii, but the picture looks horrible. I have the normal composite hook up for my Wii and am using the yellow video input on the back of the projector. It is projecting the Wii main menu, but it's like the resolution is messed...
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    Huge screen aiming problem (with projector)

    My Wii is hooked up on a projector and because the screen is so large (5' x 7'), the remote doesn't point where the cursor is. It's very anoying specially for FPS games, I use the zapper and relative to the motion on the screen, I'm barely moving the remote. I don't know of any settings to...