Wii on Dell 2100MP Projector


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Mar 19, 2010
Borrowing a Dell 2100MP DLP Projector. Was hoping to hook it up to my Wii, but the picture looks horrible. I have the normal composite hook up for my Wii and am using the yellow video input on the back of the projector. It is projecting the Wii main menu, but it's like the resolution is messed up or something. I've tried adjusting every stupid setting I can find in the projector menu, nothing made it look any better. I even reset it back to factory defaults and nothing. I then tried adjusting the Wii screen settings. It doesn't have a bunch of options, but I did adjust them and again, nothing really made it look better.

Any suggestions or will it just not work with the projector?

It works perfect with my laptop hooked up, so I know it works. Just getting frustrated. Thanks!
Try it on a normal TV (or a different thing with the projector)

If that still gives a terrible picture try a new TV lead
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I've had the Wii for years, it works just fine on my TV. And the projector works just fine hooked up to my laptop. So they work seperately just fine, but ask them to work together and it's horrible.
If your are from the UK try running it on 50 or 60hz.
Failing that try a different projector as I have had a look at its specs and its a very old type