Big issue for me (using a projector)


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May 15, 2006
I have just recently completed construction of a home theater where I currently enjoy playing my 360. I plan(ned) on getting a Wii to add to the setup. The way I have it configured is that I have a 720p projector which is in the back of the room w/ all my stereo equipment, etc. It projects to a 96" screen at the front of the room.

My issue is this...consider this quote from Anandtech:

"The way the remote-like controller works is via an infrared sensor bar which is wired directly to the Wii and can be placed either on top of or below the television. The bar can be placed anywhere as long as the controller is pointing towards it. Some adhesive backing is used to apply the sensor bar."

This means that this "Wii sensor" will need to be at the front of the room, while all my A/V equipment for this projector setup is in the rear of the room. So for my setup this just simply will not work.

Any comments?
depending on the wiring of the wii just get an extended cable for one or the other

1) if possible get a wire for the sensor and put that near the screen and leave the wii in the back (not sure how possible that will be)
2) get an extension av cable for the wii output and have the box up front with the screen (though that does infringe on the sweet sounding setup)

just a little off topic thought, but you will prolly have the same problem with the ps3 since sony mimiced the gyro sensors in their controls (if you planned on getting one)
Agreed with phimuajedi69. The extension av cable seems like it will work, not sure though.
I saw a photo on IGN somewhere showing the sensor bar and attached wire all bundled up. Its a thin wire that really looks quite long to begin with. I wish I could find the pic, I'd guess like 15 or 20 feetfrom the looks of it, hard to tell all bundled up. If it weren't plenty long for every home theater I'd expect an extension if not from Nintendo then definitely a third party. I'd be interested to know if there's a minimum range for the sensor bar, can I put in on the far side of my coffee table a few feet from the couch?
And phimuajedi, the PS3 has no sensor bar as their 6 degrees of motion sensing is not that same as the wii-mote and sensor bar technology. The PS3 controller contains accelerometers, like the one found in warioware twisted for GBA and the ones in the left hand controller for the Wii. Accelerometers are simpler and essentially measure tilt in different planes while the wii motion sensing is comparable to putting the right remote in a 3D box with the console knowing the remote's location and orientation. Once we've played both systems I think the difference will be obvious.
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Just thought of something that is kind of bumming me out.

Here is the room I watch movies and play games in.



In the first picture, I'm basically standing behind the couch you see in the second. In the second picture, if you look towards the back right of the room, there are two doors. These go into the same room and my equipment rack is back there and its the "wiring closet" as well. That's were the Wii will have to go as that's where all the cabling that goes to the projector and A/V system are. BUT, thats like 35 FEET from the screen, creating a very large problem for me to use the sensor bar as it needs to be up by the screen. I can't put the Wii up by the screen because then it won't be hooked up to A/V making the fact that it reaches the sensor bar rather pointless.

I realize I'm probably in a minority here but this setup has me rather worried.
That wasn't the intent, honestly :( I think the solution is going to be to find a place in the equipment room for the sensor bar and cord and then just drag it out and put it away. No big deal in the end, I just wish I could have a more elegant solution considering all the hours and money spent running speaker wires in wall, etc.
The Sensor Bar Wire should be long enough, if not you could put the wii on the little shelf and just get extensions on the avcable.

Nice Setup BTW, Just curious what is that poster on the right? It looks like Moulin Rouge.
I agree, that is a pretty sweet set up.

Just curious, how far is your couch from the screen? Is that where you normally sit when playing games?
Thanks guys. It is a Moulin Rouge poster. That couch is where I sit and its about 13-15 feet from the screen. The screen is about 120" diagonal. The large speakers are Omega Hemptone Compact 8s and are used for stereo only and the smaller ones are Phase Technology and that's what I use for surround sound. Its two totally separate systems.

I can't put the Wii in the front because I can't plug it directly into the projector easily. The cable's for the projector run into the ceiling and back to the wire room. I don't want to plug and unplug cables from the projector all the time because the mount has 4 axis tilt adjust to aim the projector and it moves if you push too hard. Then the projector would have to be "re-aimed" at the screen every time you mess with the cables. I'm sure I'll figure it out to be honest, I just was hoping there would be a more elegant solution than strewing cables all over the room.
Whoa what a set-up, i guess it's a wait to see, what exactly the cable is to the sensor then you could splice it for an extension. IR is relativley uncomplicated and fairly easy to connect.
That's a good point. I have a hard wired IR repeater in my system right now to carry IR to the other room and I spliced that cable. Very good point. So worst case I just have a long cord running across the room while I'm playing and best case maybe I can extend the cable and run it through the ceiling like the rest of my stuff.
I took some new pictures if anyone is interested...

These are basically in order, left to right across the front of the room. The main, unscientific goal was to dampen the front of the room (but not completely deaden) up to and including the first reflection points. Also, the panels in the corner are 6" thick bass traps and their unmeasured impact on the room is NOT subtle to me.