Huge screen aiming problem (with projector)


WiiChat Member
Mar 17, 2010
My Wii is hooked up on a projector and because the screen is so large (5' x 7'), the remote doesn't point where the cursor is. It's very anoying specially for FPS games, I use the zapper and relative to the motion on the screen, I'm barely moving the remote.

I don't know of any settings to change the amplitude of the remote to match the size of the screen. There is a myth about separating the IR to have a wider sensor bar but it has been shown that it doesn't help for this problem.

BTW, the sensor is right on top of the screen. And obviously, if the cursor is in the middle of the screen, the remote is pointing up (again, because the screen is so big) it's better then having it pointing downwards anyways...

Anybody have an idea? :frown5: