Pico Projector experience with WII zelda skyward sword


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Dec 1, 2011
Does anyone else regularly play games with a projector (fullsize, micro or pico). I have the aaxa p4 which is 80 lumens and its just enough for me to play happily in a dimlit room.

I got Zelda and though I'm only 6 hrs or so into the game it's already getting extremely addicting. The characters the animation and the tone of the game just go great together.

Since I'm just renting a small room I dont have a large area to set up a big screen tv so I think having a pico projector works out great for my little situation. I'd love to get a FULL giant projector someday when I get my own place and set up a theater room but for now my pico projector will do just fine.

Gonna take some pictures or videos to share by this weekend but I was interested in how many people actually like to use projectors vs how many people just LOVE their tv's.
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As promised I took some pictures and even a video of my playing zelda with my aaxa p4 pico projector. I apologize in advance but my camera isn't that great.With the lights dimmed or off the image is pretty great.
As with any pico projector if the lights are fully on the image can get a bit washed out but that is to be expected from something so small.
not sure why youtube made the video into a square.. but you can see from the pictures its not really that much of a square in reality

With lights off, its actually a lot better looking in person.

with lights on. this picture doesn't to the projector justice. It doesn't look this washed out in


Pico projectors are extremely small. Its less than half of the size of the wii and just about the same size as 2 wiimotes.

Connected using a/v adapter

Here is a macro shot of the game. You can see up close that the projector uses texas instruments DLP technology which uses diamond pixels
If my TV ever breaks, I've got a good idea with what to replace it with. Never realized projectors could give such good quality.
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If my TV ever breaks, I've got a good idea with what to replace it with. Never realized projectors could give such good quality.

Ya most people don't know projectors can be great. I only found out from a friend who had an older model projector from aaxa. So when I found out this one was on pre-sale with an additional coupon I dove in and got it. Pico projectors have really improved over the last 2 years. I started doing research on them after I got mine and its interesting to wonder just how bright they will get.

hope some rich companies dump tons of money into projector research instead of tv's lol