1. J

    Skyward Sword item wheel does not show up

    I have a wii remote plus (wii remote with the motion plus inside). I just started playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and everything works fine EXCEPT that when I hold B to bring up the item wheel, it never shows. I've gotten it to flicker twice, but never long enough for me to actually...
  2. T

    games that HAVE to be remade on the 3DS!

    1.007 Goldeneye 3D.I Mean nintendo took The legend of zelda Ocarina of time,one of the best games of all time,and put it on the 3DS and it was AMAZING!,so why can't Nintendo do so on the 3DS.If they added online and extras and keep almost everything just like the original this game would rock...
  3. W

    Pico Projector experience with WII zelda skyward sword

    Does anyone else regularly play games with a projector (fullsize, micro or pico). I have the aaxa p4 which is 80 lumens and its just enough for me to play happily in a dimlit room. I got Zelda and though I'm only 6 hrs or so into the game it's already getting extremely addicting. The...
  4. Meenie

    Questions on motionplus with Zelda

    1. I don't have motion plus - do you have to have it to play Skyward Sword? 2. I see motionplus and nunchuk bundled together - I have two nunchuks already - is this a different nunchuk? Do you have to have a motionplus nunchuk? 3. If you get the motion plus and want to play a game that doesn't...

    Please Share Your Opinion

    Hello Wii Fans! Okay, so I have a friend that says that she HATES the Wii. I asked why. She said because the controller sucks and because she has to move. I had kept trying to stress to her that you don't move very much. The most movement that is needed for the games she would like to play is a...
  6. link1992

    Main villian in skyward sword

    who do you think is it going to be ????? Ganon ????? Vaati, ??? a new villian or majora ???
  7. (+)(+)(+)

    Link's parents?

    When i first played wind waker (when it first came out) i was thinking about what happened to his parents since he lives with his grandmother and has a sister. Do any of you have any ideas? :lovewii:
  8. william101

    Buying Arrows in A Link to the Past

    I am currently at the end of the second dungeon (the desert one) and I am struggling to defeat the boss (those 3 giant worms) Finding arrows throughout the dungeon is a pain, does anyone know where I can buy arrows? Just if you need to know, for accessibility reasons, I have the power goblet...
  9. S

    I think I made it impossible for myself to beat the game...

    Hi, I'm playing Zelda Twillight Princess and I'm on the part where you need to go to Zora's Domain to talk to the queen, but to get there you need to blow up a rock blocking the path. I ran out of bombs and I checked, there is no other way to get to Zora's Domain. I tried to go to Kahkarito...
  10. L

    I need someone to rate my music videos for this game!

    i need a few :wiiconsole: console numbers and someone who has wiimusic to rrate my videos of these songs including: the legend of zelda, F-ZERO theme, ETC. anyone wanna help out :D :lovewii: