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May 28, 2011
Hello Wii Fans! Okay, so I have a friend that says that she HATES the Wii. I asked why. She said because the controller sucks and because she has to move. I had kept trying to stress to her that you don't move very much. The most movement that is needed for the games she would like to play is a very light flick of the wrist or maybe a shake. I think she would like to play games like Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, things like that. I know for sure that she wants to play Zelda Twilight Princess. I keep tying to tell her that the most movement she will have to do is like swing the remote and the nunchuck. I had asked her if she had played a Wii before. She said yes and that she hated it. I asked what games she played. She said Mario Kart, a Sonic game, Wii Sports. Now for the Sonic game that could be a hard one to use as an example. I am a HUGE Sonic fan so i can say that if she played Sonic and the Secret Rings then I can understand. I am a diehard Sonic fan and I even traded that game in. Mario Kart on the other hand is pretty fun. Its like your actually driving but anyways, so yeah. I would like your opinion on the Wii and my friend. Thank You for Your Time.
I've played all 3 systems of this generation, and the Wii is my favourite. It just has more variety than the other systems, in my opinion.
Get her drunk.(providing she is of legal age)
Opinions change quite fast then.

Nar people have there own opinions on things and you have to expect it
The Wii is a descent system but I find that the only good games for it are the Wii exclusives. I really don't see what her problem is though. Zelda: Twilight Princess is an AMAZING game and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are awesome to, so just try and get her to play some really good games and she just might change het mind.
My girlfriend is a total gamer nerdy girl and she absolutely LOVES the Wii.
Though she games on the Ps3 as well but she prefers the Wii for CoD and her favorite game Monster Hunter [oh and Mario Kart lol]
Tell her the wii caters to people of all preferences and that theres bound to be some titles shell enjoy.