Question about the Wii


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Nov 25, 2006
I have a question I'm hoping someone who either owns a Wii or knows a lot about them will be able to answer for me.

My fiance is a pretty big fan of video games, but unfortunately she has cerebal palsy so isn't able to play most of the new systems out today. She has full control of her left hand and arm, but her right hand is completely useless when it comes to video gaming. I bought her a DS when it came out and she loves it. She's able to play any game that uses the stylus to control most functions of the game. When I heard about the Wii I got excited because it seemed like it might allow her to play a next gen system. My question is how many of the Wii games can really be played with one hand. From the previews it seems like a lot of them either require you to use two hands on the controller or need the analog stick plug in. Would this be a worthwhile purchase, or would she end up only being able to play one or two games?

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who can help.
Wii Sports can be played with one hand with the exception of Boxing. Many other games though require both (nunchuck+wiimote). Excite truck though looks like you could in theory, not 100% sure though
The Wii is worth it just for Wiisports which can be played with one hand (minus boxing). There are other games coming out that will use only one hand so I say get it now, play some Wiisports with her to get a feel for the system until other titles come out. May I also suggest that you pick up a game like Rayman that has over 70 minigames. Some of them only need one hand but on the ones that need two, you can control the nunchuk and she can control the Wiimote. I think it would be a cool little activity for you two. Good luck man.