1. Sauec

    MarioKart Wii Friend Codes

    Hello, I recently bought MKWii and I'm looking for friends. My MKWii Friend Code is 1721 7878 6250. Post your codes here, if your looking to race!
  2. vango

    mario kart wii friend codes

    add my friend code and leave your's if you want to race? my code is 0732-9879-1829
  3. W

    Mario Kart wii

    I am new here & i got a Mario Kart wii last Friday. Is it compatible with the Classic Controller Pro or just Classic Controller?
  4. Wiizilent

    I'm new too both this forum and the wii

    What's up? I'm new here my names rezil,rezilent but u can call me Ree for short . I got a wii for Christmas last year but just started using it so I'm a newbee lol . Please add me on wii my friend list is very short atm .I love RPGs fps racing games action/ platformers my favorites are Mario ...

    Please Share Your Opinion

    Hello Wii Fans! Okay, so I have a friend that says that she HATES the Wii. I asked why. She said because the controller sucks and because she has to move. I had kept trying to stress to her that you don't move very much. The most movement that is needed for the games she would like to play is a...
  6. L

    Wii Chat Channel??

    Why doesn't WiiChat have a youtube channel like machinima or ign? I just started youtubing, so come check me out as I post all things nintendo :)
  7. M

    Recruiting: 4 Deh Hax

    The 4 Deh Hax Clan! CHAT The 4 Deh Hax clan was formed when the leaders of the 4DP Clan and the HN Clan came together to merge both clans into the 4 Deh Hax clan. This clan is for hackers and non-hackers. To join, please fill out this form: PLAYER NAME: VR: RANK: YOUTUBE PAGE: Please put...
  8. S

    My Top Ten N64 Games.

    #1. - Mario Party 2 #2. - Banjo Tooie #3. - Donkey Kong #4. - Mario Golf #5. - Mario Kart {Was a Mario fan} #6. - Perfect Dark #7. - Mario Party #8. - Mario Party 3 #9. - Banjo Kazooie #10. - 007 Goldeneye I Liked more games like Mario 64... :sick:
  9. J

    Mario party 8 and Super mario bros won't work. Is it the console or the games?

    Mario party 8 will let me chose the disc channel, then let me chose start on the menu, then gives me the can not read disk error. Super Mario Bro. will play for about 30 seconds, then gives me an error to eject the game and turn off the power to the console. It doesn't matter where the games is...
  10. H

    I am new here, and just got Wi-Fi

    yea, i just got a wifi connection in my house and now me and my little brothers can take our skills online for new challanges, but the problem is, the games are funner with friends and we need more friends, so any body that posts here will be added :) thank you! here are the games i have for...
  11. S

    Mario Game?

    Looking for some advice or suggestions from people that have played the Mario games... I am thinking about getting my girlfriend a Mario Wii game for Christmas. She has Mario Kart already and really likes it and she has Mario Galaxy, but doesn't care for it (It is too storybooklike and too much...
  12. L

    I need someone to rate my music videos for this game!

    i need a few :wiiconsole: console numbers and someone who has wiimusic to rrate my videos of these songs including: the legend of zelda, F-ZERO theme, ETC. anyone wanna help out :D :lovewii:
  13. J

    Lets take a look inside Bowsers anus.

    Time for another crappy review. But this time, its not trolling Zelda fans. Anyway, lets dive right into this, shall we? Mario and Luigi: Anal Escapades (?) After the Gameboy Advance hit, Superstar Saga, and its less likable successor for the DS, Partners in Time, Bowsers Inside Story...