Lets take a look inside Bowsers anus.


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Sep 17, 2009
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Time for another crappy review. But this time, its not trolling Zelda fans.
Anyway, lets dive right into this, shall we?

Mario and Luigi: Anal Escapades (?)


After the Gameboy Advance hit, Superstar Saga, and its less likable successor for the DS, Partners in Time, Bowsers Inside Story is the third game in the critically acclaimed Mario and Luigi series. Unlike previous games in the series, this games focus is unsual, focusing on Bowser as he sucks in various contents from his enemies and Mario and Luigi have a wild adventure in his bowels. As such, this leads to yet another crazy adventure for the bros, and even more vore appeal then the insides of Yoob provided. But how does it stack up?​


Come on now, guys, this is a god damned Mario RPG. If you came in looking for any sort of plot development, you're frankly stupid. But lets nitpick on this anyway.​

The premise of the story is this: After the kingdom suffers a mass plague that causes obesity, Bowser raids Princess Peach's Castle and, due to a trick by the engrish speaking bean, Fawful, he swallows all of the contents in the room. Awakening in the body of Bowser, which for some reason defies every single rule of Biology ever, they must find the princess inside his intestines and escape. Meanwhile, Bowser learns that Fawful and his pig minion, Midbus, have stolen his castle and his minions. Mario, Luigi and Bowser unawaringly team up in order to thwart the plans of team Pork and Beans, which as the story moves on, involves an artifact called the Dark Star, which is literally evil sealed in a can, which will make Fawful an all powerful tyrant.
Its just as out there and crazy as it sounds.​

Sadly, the games plot doesn't pick up until about halfway in, the first half consisting mainly of Bowser just fooling around and doing whatever he feels like. You don't really get any good build up, and half the time you will forget the plot is even there. The final stretch of the game is fine and up to par of what Superstar Saga showed us, though the first half is worse then partners in Time's storytelling.​


I won't go into detail about this. Monsieur Turtle Bits really adds a lot of humour to this game, and the characterization is flawless. Fawful and Midbus have some fantastic lines, and new characters like SStarlow/Chippy and the French Block...thing really stand out well. As usual for this series, the writing is witty and hilarious, constantly breaking the fourth wall and having a lot of parodies, in jokes, and self degrading humour. The game really shines here.​


The gameplay for this game is solid. I'll seperate this into two sections.​

The overworld for the game is admittedly dull. Mario and Luigi's sections are dumbed down due to their sections being 2D, and only having one or 2 parts of the game on the actual top view map. The platforming with them is mainly puzzle based, and while said puzzles are easy, can be quite fun at times. Bowsers levels are more hit or miss, though. Due to his limited overworld techniques, his areas are pretty straight foward, reusing old obstacles constantly and being very linear, to the point theres no exploration for him. Its a step up from Partners in Times areas, though not by a lot.​

The battle system for Mario and Luigi works flawlessly and takes both the best from both its predacessors. As per usual, you play as Mario and Luigi in battle, using jumps, hammers and team moves to do damage, while trying to dodge your opponents attacks. Special moves are done by new attack parts, which can be found hidden across the overworld, and act pretty much like Bros Items, except that they cost Bros Points as oppossed to being stocked up. Theres also a new badge system, in which by doing well on action commands, you can restore HP, SP, double your power, or other similar effects in the heat of battle. The battles for Bowser work very similarly, using his minions, punches and flames to kill opponents. Though in his case, special attacks are done through use of the touch screen, which suprisingly works fine. He also has a vaccuum ability that will discover Blitties, allow the bros to fight certain opponents and steal items from enemies, but overall, theres not much to say on it, and doesnt really impact much. The game also introduces a rank system that, as you level up, will get you better equipment and more spaces to equip gear.​

Aside from those aspects, theres some extra touch screen stuff. You'll find countless minigames that are required in Bowsers belly, which can either be quite fun or horrendous. For instance, the arm cannon game was a blast but dropped halfway into the game, while the pollen game was horrendous and used three times consecutively, to the point I found the section of the game nearly unplayable. There are also four Giant Bowser battles that use the touch screen completely, which, while the controls are a bit touchy and the graphics distorted, very entertaining. Theres plenty of sidequests and even optional bosses around this game, too, so you'll find yourself spending quite some time with it.​

Obligatory Music and Graphics sections

Yes, yes, graphics are great for the DS, and the person who composes ****ing Kingdom Hearts did the tracks for this game. No need to touch up on this, since they are clearly top of the notch as they have been the past 2 games.​

Overal Scoring-9/10

To put it simply-The overworld is ehhh, battles are better then sex, game is haha funny, plot is badly executed but no one cares, and the final boss music is disgustingly addicting.
I also had a notable lack of potential innuendos, and hope you don't disown me for it.​