I think I made it impossible for myself to beat the game...


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Nov 28, 2009
Hi, I'm playing Zelda Twillight Princess and I'm on the part where you need to go to Zora's Domain to talk to the queen, but to get there you need to blow up a rock blocking the path. I ran out of bombs and I checked, there is no other way to get to Zora's Domain. I tried to go to Kahkarito Village to get bombs but the bridge is out. I took another route there but the gate is locked heavily from the bottom and the top so Epona can't jump over. I also looked in the grass and in enemies to get bombs, I couldn't find anything. I can't warp at this point in the game yet, and there seems to be no other bomb shops. Any other way to get bombs or to get to Zora's Domain or to Kahkarito Village? I tried everything. I think I may have no choice but to start over:sick:. Any suggestions?
get 90 ruppes and talk to a zora where the rock is edit:eek:pps its not the temple use a guide
the part your talking about is right before you do the 'save the prince/escort Ilia' mission right? there should be a few Zora's that will sell bombs for 60-90 rupees
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