Where can I get bombs after lantern cavern II


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Feb 26, 2008
I entered the lantern cavern II (Lake Hylia) and have run out of bombs about 1/2 way through. I exited the cavern and have tried to get back to Kakariko Village to purchase some. The problem is I seem to be unable to warp at this time and the bridges allowing me to ride there are all destroyed. Is there any other place I can get bombs (castle town)at this point or a way I can warp? Thanks for your help.
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Thanks, do you know where/if exactly I can purchase bombs there?
In hyrule town, there is one section where there is a fountain in the middle and a path leading up to the castle, well opposite that is a range of shops. One of them shops will sell bombs, but you have to help open it first, I can't remember how though.
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Yes and thanks... I think I remember reading something about donating 1000 rupees to complete some Hot Springwater side quest and then another 2000 to the Malo Mart, then a new Malo Mart opens a new store in Hyrule/Castle town. Problem is my wallet only carries 600 at this point and I can't get back to Kakariko to donate it even if I had it. I can't believe I'm stuck here just because I ran out of bombs. I tried getting back to Kakariko via Hyrule field South but the gate is locked there as well.
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See, this is the 'catch 22' I'm in...the Malo Mart isn't open in the castle yet and at this point I can't assist in opening it as I don't have enough room in my wallet plus I can't get to Kakariko to donate money to get it opened. Should I be able to Warp to Kakariko, it doesn't seem as though I can at this point...thanks again.
I think I remember now. If I'm correct, you have to travel to the desert first, and at some point in the desert you will find a big piece of stone, which is actually the piece of bridge that you need to get to complete the bridge. Just teleport that to the bridge of eldin, then you can travel back.
Malo Mart=Best Shop in the Game

1-It has every item you could possibly buy.
2-It is the only shop with Magic Armour for sale.
3-There is a fun music.
4-Everyone inside is dancing.
5-It is very colourful.
6-The shop keeper has some pretty insane moves!
7-The shop is very well decorated.

Only bad thing is that you can't trade in bombs... :(