The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough Guide

creating my own zelda game

just completing the same quest is boring.zzzzzz.I thought maybe you create your own future city for king link and queen zelda.huh?
i only scim read so if this has already been put up, sorry but i can help :cornut::D :cornut:



The cave of ordeals is a place with monsters in, it can get you some good rewards, but we will come back to that later :p
It can be found in the arbitor grounds to the south east if memory serves me right...

lets start!

Do not start untill you have 3 bottles full of blue potion/fairy tears/ fairys.
Do not start untill you have about 14 hearts
Do not start without saving first
Do not start unless you have about 30mins spare time
Do not start unless you have allthe wepons
Do not start unless you have all (or most) of the hidden moves
ok you should be fine now...

Ok lets get to it :thumbsup:

At the start of each "round" you will have to jump down a ledge into the foes wich lie bellow, if you use the "c" button you can have a check what your up against AND GET READY.

When you jump down you have the element of suprise, not them you!
*note* when you do jump down its best to roll forwards so no of the foes can get you from behind.

At the start of the cav of ordeals it is fairly simple, you kick ass and they get there ass kicked, but later on you will need to use a few differnt tricks.

after 10 rounds you will be taken to a mermaid lady, the fairy queen if you like.

She shall tell you if you need a certain wepon for the next rounds, eg: spinner
*note* if she tells you the wepon you need equip it straight away because she aint joking.

at the end of each round turn into a wolf and use sences to check the area, on some floors there's hearts and rupee's,(even a silver rupee.)

at some points there will be invisible mice that slow you down, simply turn to wolf and spin to get the pests off, *note* dont forget to kill the rest before turning back to link.

at the end rounds, you will be confronted by dragon warriors and heavily armoured knights, *note* if you have done the cave of odeals once and do it again you will fight a blue, red, black, and a multicoulored knight (i think its red and white)

these are the hardest but only if you do not know how to kill them.

Draggon warriors are preety simple, chain em down slash slash slash, re chain slash slash slash and bingo.

But the heavily armoured guys are hard, (or at least harder)

To kick these guys butt you gotta jump there attacks and get em from behind, or if your lucky to get the guard down, get a couple of swings in.

After they lose all there armour they get pissed. Thats pissed with a capital P!

They will through there heavy wepon at you, *note* you can either get out its way or block it, they will then shief a new wepon, faster but weaker.

At this stage simply do the same with the last guys and finish the job.

And there you have it, you get a bottle of fairy tears and now when you go to any spirit spring she's there with lots of fairys waiting to be bottled up or used on the spot.
Also if you have no fairy tears you can talk to her at the spring and she will give you one, *note* if you have one on you she will not give you one :nono: no one wants to be greedy :nono:

Wow i can't belived i typed all that.

I hope this helps some one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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how do you defeat the shadow beasts at death mountain? every time I knock three of them down, the one behind the red laser walls calls them back to life, and i can't get through the red to kill that one. help!
In your Ancient Forest Temple (Temple of Time) walkthrough you said nothing about having to fight five shadow creatures before going into the Temple of Time. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: