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With a lot of frequently asked questions in this forum regarding the forest temple, I decided to compose a complete walkthrough which virtually contains everything you need and want to know about the temple.

From the author

This is my very first walkthrough written for any game and I have tried to be as specific as I can so that you won't get lost. I spent a whole afternoon writing this as I played through the dungeon and was surprised at how long the walkthrough ended up. It is very comprehensive and will guide you through every chest and room of the dungeon. The route taken by the walkthrough should minimise the amount of backtracking you need to do and hopefully this should enhance your experience in the dungeon. At times, there will be alot specific instruction, e.g do this, do that, then do that and I apologise if I may sound like a bit of a control freak but the techniques have worked for me and just add to the fun of the dungeon.

Important things to note before you read this walkthrough

- Whenever I refer to the directions, "left" and "right", it will always be from the perspective of Link and the camera angle that you are viewing.

- Whenever I refer to the directions, "north", "south", "east" and "west", it always be the direction dictated on the dungeon map:

| North

-> East

e.g if I say to head towards the northern door, it will be the door towards the north of the room on the map.


Notes - these are important to read and are usually things to be aware of and look out for.

Tips - these are generally useful facts of advice.

Optionals - you can skip these if you like, but you'll be missing out on mostly chests containing rupees.


From the entrance, proceed through the dark tunnel and a brief cutscene will introduce you to the forest temple.

Optional: look on the left for some vines on the wall. Pull out your slingshot and shoot down the spiders. At the top of the vines is a chest with a yellow rupee (worth 10 green rupees).

Proceed to the other side of the hallway and use your sword to break the cage that the monkeyh is in. Shoot down the two spiders on the vines with the slingshot. Climb up the vines and follow the monkey through the door.

In the next room, run down the stairs and proceed forward up some stairs onto an elevated platform with a chest and a few pots hanging from some spider web. You can shoot the pots with the slingshot for a blue rupee (worth 5 green rupees) or two. I shall refer to this room as the t-junction room.

At this point, Midna will alert you so listen to her advice.

Note: notice the rock during the cutscene.

evilprofessorzog: Firstly, in the t-junction room, there's a little bomb insect. You can use it to blow up the boulder at the back before you light the torches. I think there are some Rupees there.

If you've already lit the torches and the platform is raised, you can put one out with the boomerang and the platform will go back down, allowing you access to the boulders.

Now pull our your lantern and light the four torches (one at each corner of the platform). Follow the monkey across the steps and open the chest on the left for the dungeon map. Now proceed through the door in front of you.

Watch the cutscene. Note that you will need to come back here a little later when you have rescued 3 more additional monkeys (giving you a total of 4) to cross this open area to where the big monkey threw the boomerang from.

Return to the t-junction room and head to the right side of the platform when the monkey will jump and hang on to the rope, acting as a rung to swing you across the other side. Jump towards the monkey to grab onto him, then wait till the monkey has swung you to the right before letting go by pressing A. Once you reach the other side, proceed through the door.

In the next room, turn right and head towards the crumbled wall. Run to the stick insect and as you approach it, it will curl up into a round ball and act as a bomb as soon as you pick it up with A.

Tip: if you're a little slow, the insect will crawl out of the hole to attack you and you won't be able to pick it up till it's back in the hole. So run back a little and wait for it to return to its hole before attempting to pick it up again.

Throw the bomb so that it lands next to the crumbled wall. The explosion will break open revealing some pots which you can break from some rupees, one of them releasing Ooccoo, who is useful to warp in/out of dungeons quickly.

Now run ack towards the door you came through but instead folow the path to the right to come to a spider web. Stand right in front of the web and swing out your lantern to burn and destroy the web.

Continue following the path into a room with alot of water around, I'll refer to this room as the lake room. Follow the monkey by jumping across some platforms.

Tip: if you fall into the water, you can swim under the two platforms held up by lots of wooden sticks. On the right is some shallow water which you can climb out.

Go through the door straight ahead.

After watching the brief cutscene, immediately run straight across the bridge and go through the door on the other side.

In the next room open the chest just to the right of you for a small key. Now look across the room to see a wooden bridge in the horizontal position, which you can't access [yet]. I will refer to this room as the rotating bridge room.

Now turn arond and back track to the lake room. As you return and enter the room from the rotating bridge room, pull out your slingshot and shoot down the hanging spider before jumping across. Run forward up the steps to the locked door and proceed through.

After watching the short cutscene, follow the path around down to where the monkeys are. Run towards the statue and do a roll as you are near it to shake the statue and quickly roll again while the statue is shaking to kncok the cage off the statue, freeing the monkey after the cage is destroyed.

Optional: run over to where the bridge fell down and go behind the wooden fence on the right for a chest with a yellow rupee.

Make your way back to the top around the side path that you just came down. At the crossing, jump to reach the first monkey and time your releases on each monkey to get across (just like before in the t-junction room). Now go through the door.

Note: Upon re-entering the lake room, look across the bridge on your right where is a gate with a special chest that contains the key for opening the boss' door. At the moment you can't get to it but remember this spot as you will need to return here later.

Return to the t-junction room and use the monkey to go back to the central platform. Now head towards the east side (with the spider web covering the door). Pull out your lantern and swing it at the web to destroy it before proceeding through the door.

Look on the right and you will see an opening with a weird plant blocking it.


- there are a few of these (mainly in this room) which you can destroy by throwing one of those insect bombs into it's mouth.

- Beyond the opening is a chest with a piece of heart which you will probably want but we'll come back to this a little later.

Start by heading up the stairs and observe the insect-bomb there. Ignore it and continue up some more stairs onto flat ground. Stop there, turn around, facing the bomb insect that you just passed. Look on the left side and you will see a wooden path along the wall and at the end is a gap where the second plant that you saw is.

Quickly run to the bomb insect, pick it up and run over towards the gap and when close, throw it so that it falls into the gap, down into the plants mouth, destroying it in the process. Do not move finger or thumb after throwing the bomb. Look across the gap to see a boulder with a torch on either side. You need to break this with the bomb insect from before so run back and grab it.

Tip: it is best to pick up the insect when facing in the direction of the boulder so you don't lose time trying to adapt to the awkward camera angle.

Do exactly as you did before with the bomb but this time when you approach the gap, run along the side closest to the wooden fence and don't stop running when you get near the gap as you need to jump it. Whilst in mid-air, continue to hold forward on the nunchuk's control stick. As you land, keep your thumb on the control stick and throw the bomb a split-split-second after you land. If done correctly, you should blow up the boulder (gopsh that's a tight one!). Now climb up to where the boulder was and proceed through the door.

In this room, run forward and jump off the edge. After landing, roll into the statue on the left for a chest with a small key and the statue on the right to break a pot (usually gives a blue rupee).

Run north and cross the bridge, being careful not to walk over the loose tiles.

Tip: walk along the right side of the bridge all the way across to avoid all 3 loose tiles.

Pull out your lantern and light the two remaining torches to complete the wooden staircase. Now climb up the large staircase.

Note: you may notice a small opening behind the staircase and if you were very observant, you would have noticed a chest (which happens to contain a piece of heart, but you can't get it right now). We'll come back to this one later.

At the top, proceed to the locked door and open it to rescue the monkey. Break the pots in there for some hearts/rupees and make your back to the door you entered the room from.

Optional: on the way back, you can climb up some vines on the right side for a chest with a red rupee (worth 20 green rupees).

After climbing the stairs and leaving via the door, turn left and jump onto the vines on the wall, then climb up them.

Note: I forgot if there were spiders on the vines here. I would appreciate it if someone confirm this for me, thanks. If they are there, obviously you should shoot them down before attempting to climb the vines. Once you're at the top, enter the door in front of you.

Watch the cutscene then run towards the monster. Z-target it and sidestep to dodge it when it lunges forward to attack you. When its head is in this low position, you can slash it with your sword. Do this a few more times to defeat the stem and head of it. Now grab one of the insect-bombs in the room and throw it into the plant's mouth to kill it, allowing you to grab the small key that it swallowed before.

Proceed to the other side of the room to free the fourth monkey. Then make your way back to the door and open it.

Piece of heart: turn left after leaving the room with the fourth monkey and you will see an insect-bomb with a gap further along. Run over and pick up the bomb and run forward to the wooden part of the path and just as you step on to the wooden part, throw the bomb towards the gap. If done correctly, the bomb will fall into the gap and down into the first flower monster that you saw, killing it. Now jump down to where it was and enter the hole. Open the chest inside for the piece of heart.

Return to the t-junction room and follow the 4 monkeys through the northern door, which brings you back to where the bridge was cut off by that big monkey. Watch the cutscene and use the 4 monkeys to swing you across (one at a time) to the other side. Once you've crossed it, enter the door ahead.

Miniboss: Big Monkey

Strategy: Start by killing the two mouths, then run towards the central statue. Your objective is to knock him down from a statue by rolling at it twice quickly (just like when you knocked the cage off the statue to save a smaller monkey before). Once you've managed to knock him down from a statue, run over to him, Z-target his dark red butt and slash it with your sword.

- Don't bother trying to knock him off while he's moving from statue to statue as you won't have enough time. Instead wait till he stops to pull out his boomerang which is when you should be busy rolling at the statue.
- I would recommend two small slashes followed by a spin attack (swing the nunchuk left then right quickly) to do some good damage when he's down on the ground.

After he gets up he will jump back onto a statue. Repeat the previous procedure a couple more times by knocking him off and slashing his butt more. Eventually he will retreat and leave behind the gale boomerang for you to collect. Carefully read the instructions on using the boomerang, particularly with locking on to things (I'll explain this later).

Turn around and return to the door that you came from (which is now blocked by a cage). Equip your boomerang and throw it at the propellor above the door 3 times to fully remove the cage, allowing you to exit through the door.

Once through the door, look to your left for two rotating bridges. Throw the boomerang at the propellor situated on top of the first bridge to rotate it 90 degrees. Rotate it so you can walk onto the first one, do the same for the second and cross to the other side.

Kill the moblin and throw your boomerang at the string attached to the cage to release the monkey from the cage. Continue following the path across 2 more rotating bridges and proceed through the door to return to the room with all those flower monsters.

Jump off the alclove that you are in, turn left and run along the wall jumping across the gap. Proceed through the door ahead with the two torches.

Piece of heart: In this room, make your way to the far side where there are the four torches.

[Note that you can get the loose tiles out of the ground by throwing the boomerang at them. Once it's pulled out, slash the monster a few times with your sword to kill it.]

Once you're on the platform with the torches, pull out your boomerang and throw it at the lit torch on the right (the one closer to the chest behind the large staircase). Doing so should bring down the back panel of the large staircase, allowing you to enter behind the staircase and open up the chest for the piece of heart.

Return to the t-junction room and throw the boomerang at the web holding the chest to knock it down. Open it to receive the compass. Now proceed through the west door to return to the lake room.

Optional: in the far south-west corner of the lake room you can swim through to a tunnel for a chest with a yellow rupee.

Head to the north west side of the room and cross the wooden bridge to get back to the caged, special chest with the boss key. Look on the ground for a reversed Z marking. Notice the four statues at each corner of the reversed Z with their respective propellors on each. You objective is to open the gate by using your boomerange to spin the propellor in the ordered specified by the reversed Z marking on the ground. You can either start with the top-right or bottom-left statue (starting from either of these two will unlock the door). Use the Z button to lock onto a propellor and release the boomerang once you have locked on to each of the four statues in the correct order. If done correctly, the gate will open, allowing you to pick up the boss key from the chest.

Now proceed through the northern door of this room to return to the rotating bridge room.

Optional: you can get a bit of target practice with the slingshot on the two moblins (one on the left and the other on the right platform of the rotating bridge room). It takes 8 hits to kill each one.

Throw your boomerang at the propellor on top of the bridge to rotate the bridge. Do not follow the monkey across the bridge. Instead, walk on to the bridge, rotate the bridge and proceed through the eastern door.

In this room, run to the left, being careful of a spider that drops down from the ceiling. Kill it and stand on the web covering the hole in the ground. Swing out your lantern to burn the web and fall through the hole. You will land next to caged a monkey. Free the monkey and climb back up via the nearby vines. Return to the rotating bridge room. Now you can follow the monkey through the northern door.

Watch the cutscene.

Note: If you have followed my walkthrough so far, then during the cutscene there should be two empty platforms, indicating two more monkeys to rescue.

After the cutscene, turn right and cross the two rotating bridges. Climb the vines, making sure you get rid of the spiders on the vines before you attempt to climb them. Once you get to the very top, enter the door there.

In the next room, start by killing the two biting monsters. Throw your boomerang at the insect-bomb (which is standing on a platform in the middle of the pool of water). With the bomb in Link's hands, throw it into the nearby plant (right of the door when you first entered the room) to destroy it, allowing you access to the chest with a small key.

Run up the ramp towards the vines and kill the flower monster first before returning to the centre of the wooden plank where the single torch is. Face the bomb insect, pull out your boomerang, lock-on to the bomb insect, then lock on to the boulder above the vines on your right and release the boomerang. If done correctly the bomb will be swept by the boomerang and brought over to the boulder, blowing it up. With the boulder out of the way, climb the vines, kill the moblin and two flower monsters hanging from the ceiling.

Now turn around and walk to the edge such that you are next to the left pillar. Face in the direction of the bomb insect again, lock on to it with your boomerang and release it. Stand where you are and wait for the boomerang to return with the bomb before runnning over to throw it at the boulder. Destroying this boulder frees the second last monkey. Now make your way back to the rotating bridge room.

From the rotating bridge room, head to the west door and unlock it with the small key that you found earlier.

In the next room, you have two choices:

1) Take the normal path that the game developers expected you to take

2) Take the adventurous path with a free red rupee at the cost of getting hurt a bit

Please scroll down to the section that you wish to follow.

1) Proceed to the far side of the room where a loose tile is below the path leading to a tunnel. Uncover the tile using the boomerang and slash it a few times with your sword to kill it. Proceed through the tunnel, kill the large spider and knock down the two smaller spiders on the vines before climbing them. At the top, turn right. Please scroll down to where 1 and 2 intersect.

2) You will see a couple of loose tiles. Take note of the nearest one slightly to the right. On the ground to the right of this particular tile is a lone leaf and two more leves (bundled in a pair). Walk to the single one and face that tile that I asked you to take note of before. Now run towards the tile and on to the tile! If done correctly the tile will spring you up to the above platform behind you! Open the chest next to you for that red rupee (worth 20 green rupees). Turn around and face the western side of the room. Observe the large gap. Run towards the gap and just as you're about to reach the edge press A to do a roll-jump and get an edge with the distance jumped by Link. If done correctly, Link will just manage to grab on to the ledge. Climb onto the platform and continue along the path through to the far western side towards the final trapped monkey in a cage, making sure that you go around the side as there's a pit in the middle.

1 and 2 intersect here: throw your boomerang after locking onto the two propellers to open the cage and release the final monkey.

evilprofessorzog: If you follow path 1, you can jump over the gap to get the chest after rescuing the monkey. It's a lot easier to jump in that direction.

Return to the rotating bridge room and go through the northern door. Watch the cutscene for the final reward from the monkeys. Run up to the top of the steps and then wait for the monkeys to swing back. While they are on their way to your side, start running and jump towards them, then wait for the moment to let go and let the momentum of the swing take you to the other side.

Tip: before entering the door to the boss, break the pots around to fill up any lost hearts you may have. One of them may have a fairy which you can scoop up into an empty bottle. Fairies will restore up to eight hearts upon Link dying (full health since you only have 3 hearts now).

Proceed through the door to the boss.

Boss: Twili Parasite - Diababa

Strategy: Start by moving forward a little. Pull out your boomerang, lock on to one of the bomb-insects, then one of of the large flower monster heads before releasing it. If done correctly, the flower will swallow the bomb and die. Do the same for the other flower monster.

Watch the cutscene.

With the boss now fully emerged, run around for about 5-10 seconds until you see a cutscene featuring the big monkey and bomb insect. After the cutscene, retreat to the boss door, face the boss and make a few steps forward. Using your boomerang, lock on to the big monkey first, then lock onto the main part of the boss (the one in the middle that just emerged) and release the boomerang. With luck, it should swallow the bomb knocking it out, allowing you to run up to its head and slash its eye.

Sword technique: when you're close to its eye, Z-target the eye, slash it 2-3 times quickly followed by a spin attack to deal some good damage.

After the boss gets back up, rinse and repeat the same procedure as before and you should be victorious in no time.


I hope that this walkthrough has been of some use to you. I also wish you all the best with the rest of this epic game. :)

Special thanks:

Prez - for stickying this thread.
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Wow! Great walkthrough.
Just a couple of comments

Firstly, in the T junction room, there's a little bomb insect. You can use it to blow up the rocks at the back before you light the torches. I think there are some Rupees there.
If you've already lit the torches and the platform is raised, you can put one out with the boomerang and the platform will go back down, allowing you access to the boulders.

Also, in the room near the end, where you give two options, if you follow path 1, you can jump over the gap to get the chest after rescuing the monkey. It's a lot easier to jump in that direction.
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evilprofessorzog: hey, thanks for the comments! I've just updated the walkthrough including your contribution with full credit :)

Prez: thank you very much for stickying this! :D

If anyone has any suggestions/comments, feel free to post them up.
Nice man very well done I was thinking of doing a video tutorial on fishing might do it if I have some time. Anyhoo I like it, very well written and easy to understand :thumbsup:
Really nice walkthrough, only had a quick skim through cause i've already got past that bit but looks quite good ;)

I agree, please make one for Goron Mines.. Lol ;)
Thanks for this.. it was a huge help when I got a little stuck. This is the first Zelda game I've played, so this really helped me get a feel for how that world and game play works.
Deathmetalmaster said:
dude. if people are having trouble with the first 3 temples....let me just say that you are in for a ROUGH time later on in the game.

good luck dudes.

LOL, very true. Well, you wouldn't have to say that about the waterbed temple. That ones a little puzzling, and puzzle-wise this whole game, thats a little like the rest of the temples in the game, just the monsters aren't as strong..

They really need difficulty settings on this game.
elphebe said:
Thanks for this.. it was a huge help when I got a little stuck. This is the first Zelda game I've played, so this really helped me get a feel for how that world and game play works.

First zelda game? Damn man, I'm sorry about that. Beat the game, and PM me and tell me if you think Midna is hot at the end of the game. Not now, at the end.

BTW...dont be gay and send him a picture so he knows :(