The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough Guide

New to this post. This may be posted somewhere already, but how do I get the goats to go in the barn? I have done everything and they won't go in!
Well I'm new here and i got a wii not too long ago but first you have to talk to the dud in the ranch on your horse. Then he will ask you to herd the goats. Say yes if you want to. Then what you do is follow the goats from behind and press A to make them move. If when your following them you want them to go left then you just get to the right of then. Vise versa. The more left you go the even mor right they go. Vise versa.
One it's not illegal as long as you don't take credit for writing it up,

Unless its one of those walk throughs that are sold. Then it IS illegal to redistribute it.

Three, due to the unique copyrighting of Message Board systems he's not going to get in any trouble,,
Guys, I hate to break it to you, but copying and pasting an entire web page is a clear cut copyright violation. If you could copy and distribute anything you want (as long as you include the copyright notice), then all filesharing would be 100% legal. You can't copy an article from a magazine, a book, a song, a walkthrough, or anything else without permission of the author, except in cases of "fair use."

Fair use is a set of situations that are given exemption from copyright laws. The exemptions *clearly* do not cover simply copying and distributing an entire walkthrough.
for Gerudo Mesa, i can't get there by warping to get the 7th owl statue!!! how else can i get the owl statue in the desert!!
Wii17 said:

• Your main problem will be birds dropping bombs from above. They will scare the horse pulling the wagon into missing important turns, and you will just continuously do laps of the field.
• Remember where the bomb dropping birds appear, and prepare to target and shoot them from the sky.
• If you clear all of the birds that drop bombs, the wagon will reach Kakariko Village safely.

This is easier said than done... at least for me and my kid. We've been stuck here for a long time now and this game is starting to really p*ss me off! When I try to go for the birds, I lose so much time that the wagon burns up. If I try to protect the wagon, I can never find time to chase the birds and we end up going in circles.

Does anyone have any tips?