water temple?


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Sep 5, 2006
:tard: ok i am official stuck !
i have got the first key and the map of the dungeon and have been on liek every possible place i can get 2 ( i think )
and i pressume that on the base of the revolving staircase there is a locked door that i need to get into ( HOW!? ) also there is a chest down there

i have tried all the different doors and one of the big rooms i have access to there are just 2 metal gates which i cant get through

and the other big room where you find the key and there are 3 cylinder platforms....i cant do anything there

the rest of the doors are blocked by metal gates yet again

and below below is a bowl of water with pirahana's in it

any help will be reall useful THANKS ! :cornut:
It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out and get used to that revolving staircase room. Basically you gotta jump off the ledge to grab onto the golden handle(s) which will swing the staircase so you can walk onto it. Doing this will allow you access to any door in that area.

I don't remember exactly where the first locked door was but try to get around everywhere with the revolving staircase room.

SPOILER (Don't know how to hide this)

You need to go to above where you found the key and shoot down the stalactites with bomb arrows like you did when you first arrived in the temple. This will allow you to climb over the wall.
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ok thanks i have gone over the wall and killed this gut in a bubble, also i have got another key
and i really need that hookshot now, where do i get it ?
and how do i get water flowing ?
It's not called a hookshot, it's called a
clawshot :p
Nearly all unique items are found after defeating some mini boss. You probably won't get it for another little while but keep at it. To get water flowing, you need to find a particular yellow handle switch (just like those found in the revolving staircase room) which will activate the water for a particular section. This allows you access to some new areas as you will find out soon enough.
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nice thanks everyone but i done everything apart from get the ' key ' i asume in the big box on the left
but thanks for everyones help