HELP NEEDED! theres a glitch?


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Nov 29, 2006
ok I need some help, I think I hit a glitch with the Wii for Zelda. I'm pretty close to the end with over 50 hours invested. I'm at the part where I am in the cave in the Sanctuary in Kakariko village where you find the big cannon thats supposed to shoot you to the heavens for the remaining piece of the mirror. So I went to the underground cave and Shad was waiting for me. My phone rang so I saved it and then whn I went back to it I'm in the underground cave room with the cannon but Shads NOT there anymore! How do I get out of this room? I can't warp the cannon out or warp out because Shad's supposedly there.... I can't see him in the room any where! When I try to walk out of the room it goes to the scene where Shad says "Where are you going?" so yeah I can't get out of the room either. Am I missing something?!?!?! or is this really a glitch?!?!?! I'm guessing I'm supposed to talk to Shad.. BUT I CAN'T SEE HIM!!! Can anyone help?!?!?!? This better not be a glitch or I'd be extremely po'ed!!!! HELPPP
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d'oh no ones even reading this thread... if anyone's finished it or pretty far into the game your help is apprieciated.
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NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo! I'd rather stick the mastersword in my eye! I'm like so close to the end!
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d'oh! wierd.... never happened to me in any zelda's I've played b4! ok I give up I'm throwing my Wii out the window and gonna get a PS3 instead then.

Just to clarify, Shad is supposed to be in the room and I am supposed to talk to him b4 I warp the cannon out right?
wheres that at causee i got the strat guide. hahah.

ive been playin COD3 and madden more than zelda.
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kakariko village, getting the cannon to go to the heaven stage to get the last piece of the dark mirror
Oh I know your problem... I saw a video of it in youtube... maybe you have to almost restart the game.
doubt u gotta restart, just try talkin to ppl, maybe try n go to telmas bar to see if hes there or talk to telma, then maybe when u go back he'll be there. cuz i kno after ur talkin to him for a while n find the sky book hes not gonna be down there, u gotta go to all the statues he marked on ur map & once u get all the missin words from thsoe statues he'll be back down by that statue in renados basement
no dont restart

watch the youtube video and near the end u will notice when link runs by where shad is supposed 2 be the speak icon pops up, hit it speak with him and ull be fine worked for me
Ouch. I feel your pain. Hopefully you can find someone with a saved game about where you are then copy the game to your Wii (if you infact have to restart). Im gunna save to a different slot everytime now taht I've read this.
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I would love to walk out of the room and see if the guy is there later.. but ya... as stated I can't leave the room. everytime I try the guy says "where you going?" and I can leave the room. Ack... maybe I'll restart the game in a few months...