Game help + cheats and glitches.


A glitch in life
Apr 16, 2007
Cheats, Glithes, and game help!

I have played through the whole game, found all heart pieces, all upgrades, caught every fish type with bobber and lure, etc. I have also found and tried tonnes of glitches, such as an infinite bomb + arrow glitch. So any questions if your stuck, or questions about any cheat, I'll answer.

Best cheats I've done so far, are the infinite bombs and arrows, ability to play in the title screen, back in time glitch, and others.
At request, I can give advice on reaching places which shouldn't be reached, which there are many of.

Another thing, before someone asks, no, it is not possible to get the mastersword early, at least up to this moment no one has been able to.

I have played the game for over 100 hours, so I pretty much know all there is to know.

Just as proof that I have played for ages, check the spoiler if you want.
when completing the cave of ordeals (in the gerudo desert), in the last room, the postman is there, and he says to you "I think you're lost. It's got to be here somewhere...

So feel free to ask anything about the game, I will know it.

(Fully written using the Wii browser :))


infinite Bombs+arrows
So, for those wanting the infinite bombs and arrows,
Credit for video to: Dscvncnvmvbnm

Play in title screen, back in time glitch, and a little more:
Credit for video MASTERLINKX
this is one of the hardest to perform, and requires a lot of patience. If you manage to get into the title screen, do NOT press any buttons, other than control stick, C and Z. If you do, the game freezez. MASTERLINKX has a more detailed explenation. It will take several tries to get this to work.

Unreachable places and other glitches
Credit for video MASTERLINKX (once again)

I would show them myself, but unfortunately I don't have a video camera.

One more glitch, which I don't think there is a video for (I found this one on my own, maybe that's why)
A money cheat!
This is quite simple, maybe not the most efficient way to get money, but still, its good. Play the boat minigame, getting over 25 points. You will be rewarded 50 rupees, unless it's your first time (in which case you get a bomb bag upgrade). Now say no when he asks if you want to play again. Swim through the wall as shown in the infinite bomb+arrow glitch video, using the clawshot. You will respawn, and get another 50! Keep swimming through for more money. NOTE: You lose 1 heart each time, so the limit is how many hearts you have+fairies, potions and such. To fill a giant wallet, you need 20 hearts (You only lose 19, but one to stay alive is needed).
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Reply to battles:
not so much a spoiler, but with all respect to those who wish to find fo themselvs
At the end, rhe great fairy gives you fairy tear's. Additionally, great faeries are added to all 4 springs. They will give you more tears when you run out. Additionally, on the second time through, the post man is there, although second time is harder, so be warned.
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OK, for those who were asking for explenations, I've added them to my first post. I hope they help!