wii connection

  1. ideaman924

    Help me with my router and Wii!

    I use a LG router, and the model is APA-4000. I get my Wii setted with my excact settings listed on the Wii and the computer, but the problem is, there is always a connection problem with the connection test. The error codes are 52230, and I can't wait to do Internet Channel and all other...
  2. T

    Error 51330 Who can help me ??

    Hello, I tryeed over 80 times to put internet on the wii. ( btw i'm dutch and not so good at english but i need help plz try to understand ) But it didn't work for me. I get error al the times i try. I would be sooo happy if some one can help me ( i can read english without a problem )...
  3. K

    Trying to connect my wii to my wifi network

    Hello, I am having issues connecting my Wii to my home wifi network. I have a netgear WPN824v3 router and cannot connect my Wii to my network. I have an iphone, a dell laptop nad a desktop that connect to my home network via wireless. I have my router settings to channel 1 and have tried...