Error 51330 Who can help me ??


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Jul 14, 2011

I tryeed over 80 times to put internet on the wii. ( btw i'm dutch and not so good at english but i need help plz try to understand )

But it didn't work for me. I get error al the times i try.

I would be sooo happy if some one can help me ( i can read english without a problem ).

this is how i do it:
wii-channel > (wii)button >wii-connect24 >
conect > i choose the first one ( wificonection + search for access point[don't know how it look likes in your country] )

Click on my own internetrouter it's protected
Then they ask for a WEP-key.I enter the key that i've used for my laptop to conect with my router.

> i have to click on OK. 2 times. > saving settings > test connection.
and after he has test is i get : error 51330.

I hope you understand b'cause i get no help on dutch sites.

I Also been to the reel nintendo site, and they also couldn't help me.
so plzz.


* router reset ( done enough didn't work )
* Wii settings, can some who helps me with this also tell me about this.. ( b'cause maybe it's about the settings but i don't know what to change )

( if it helps my router is from Ziggo [dutch] )
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A common answer is to change your router channel from 1 to 11.

If you have a wireless router, check for interference. Sometimes it has been said to drop your firewall but I doubt it is neccesary.

As a last resort try changing your network password and see if your wii likes it :lol: it works sometimes.

Good luck :)
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thankyou. about 10min before your post. i changed my pass. it worked. i did someting else to. but thats to hard to explain.
anyways.. i got internet on my wii and your post came. kinda funny. anywayss thankyou for posting.:yesnod: