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  1. C

    HUGE issues with "step" Aerobic exercise on Wii Fit.

    I stay in rhythm, step on and off at the right time, with the right foot, but.. I only get every other one (hit - miss - hit - miss), YET.. If I do the opposite foot that you are supposed to I can get all of them right (it's extremely confusing to do it this way, can't even do the side steps...
  2. M

    Wii Exercise is the Best For Over-50s

    According to a report on AOL today, over-50s who are thinking of joining a gym in order to get fit would actually do better by using a Wii Balance Board or similar exercise game in their own home. The new study, which was conducted by researchers at Union College in the US and published in The...
  3. M

    Woman Loses Nine Stone After Wii Fit Character Explodes

    We all know that the Wii Fit on screen balance board character has a mind of its own; I fondly remember when it wore a jaunty party hat on my birthday – good times! But it would seem from this story from The Mail On Sunday that the balance board character isn’t always so friendly or charming...
  4. M

    Wii Balance Board Breaks Record to Become the Best-Selling Personal Weighing Device

    Nintendo has proudly announced today that the Wii Balance Board has just been awarded a new Guinness World Record for being “The best-selling personal weighing device.” In order to achieve this accolade, 32,114,428 Wii Balance Boards were sold worldwide between launch and November 2010. The...
  5. JonThermes

    Wii Fit Accessories

    Has anyone come across these before? Nintendo Wii Fit Dumbbells I like the look of them but just not sure if to go for it or not?!
  6. P

    Wii Fit Question

    My dad and I have borrowed my sister's Wii and love the Wii Fit (not the Wii Fit Plus). The problem seems to be with the goal weight. Dad has reached his goal weight BEFORE the date that he set. Now the program tells him that he needs to GAIN weight to reach his goal. Is there any way...
  7. topazsag

    Suggested Game I would like to see, bump if you agree!

    So, I've got the Wii Fit Plus and Balance board and some games to go along with it, some of the games are entertaining but I would like to see something more... a Fun Game to help lose weight with a Wi-Fi connection option so that I can challenge my friends (and they can challenge me) with...
  8. L

    Which Wii Exercise?

    I'm looking to get one of the Wii fitness programs but not sure which to get. Wii Fit Wii Fit Plus EA Sports Active EA Sports Active more workouts Which one do you like and why? Am I read in what I've read, that I don't have to buy the Wii Fit to use the Wii Fit Plus? In other words, I can...
  9. D

    Subtitles, getting rid of

    Does anyone know how to shut off the subtitles (closed captions) in the yoga section of wii fit plus? I don't see any way to do it. It's only in the yoga section. Thanks.
  10. A

    Wii Fit for Christmas?

    I read this article in USA Today about the Wii Fit not actually having any real fitness benefits. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2009/11/exercise-study-questions-fitness-benefits-of-wii-fit/1 Some label the Wii Fit as an example of exergaming. I am in search of any...
  11. W

    Wii Fit Problems and Cant get into Wii settings.. PLEASE HELP!!!

    right I'll start at the begining. I got a japanese Wii. Its unlocked to play pal games and all types of games. I got a Wii Fit with the board. thats when the problems started. Problem one: I inserted the disk in and went to update the software thing as it does not realising I needed internet...