1. Rage5575

    Request for the Admins

    Ok I think this is were SSBFreakCK told me to post this......... I thought that the Admins of Wii Chat should add a Instant Messaging add-on. Because when you get a PM you have to refresh page and what ever. With the IM you just read the damn thing....... So take this as a request from...
  2. C

    I need serious help!!!

    ok dont wig out on me or anything but i hacked the leaderboards on COD MWR and i got reset to level 1 and is there anyway i can rank up or just get to level 5?
  3. WAWlrus

    Why cant i add my freind code and custom user title?!

    it says that my freindcode is invalid and my custom user title wont stay please help me! dont bother answering i figured it out
  4. WiiMan62

    New to Wii Chat

    Newb to wii chat :frown5:
  5. palermo716

    Problem With WiiChat? ZOMG

    Recently i have been having a problem once i log in. When i log in you have the option of clicking a link that reads "Click here if your browser doesnt foward you" or something like that and every time i click it i am loged out and brought to the home page. :yikes: Is it just my computer or has...
  6. R

    New Opening Page for Wiichat!

    The organization and new format looks really good! What does everyone think? It's been a long journey, that's for sure.