119 stars...where's the last one?


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Mar 14, 2009
I finally made it through all the 119 stars - and yet I have 01 remaining. I've already played the Bowser's Galaxy Reactor after 60 (and it's one of my 119 stars). The map says a new galaxy has appeared. But I have no idea how to finish the game or what that final star is. Can anyone help me???
Talk to Roslina she will take u to the far way place to save peach
then if u wana play as Luigi u have to find Star 121 i know were it is but its hard 2 explain
try looking for a Vid on youtube "star 121"
and then after you get luigi, you have to get 121 stars again.

well, that's if you're a completist like i am.
Or it might be a hungry luma. You've fed it the star bits and its transformed, but maybe u didnt feel like doing that mission so u left and forgot about it and never went back. Check all the hungry lumas (including the one on the Gate) everyone forgets that one.

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