16+ ?

Wii_Smurf said:
UK have the best System :) - Maybe not for rated [16+ was uncalled for but im 16 anyways]
but it's easier to understand



Easy Lol!

We don't have a 13/14 age I don't think thats why it had to be 16 :S


U/PG - Kids
12 - Have to be 12
12A - Can be 12 but if your under you have to be with an Adult
15 - 15+
18 - 18+
R18 - Porn!

Better than the USA System Imo
i like the australian one...
PG=Parental Guidance reccomended for the little'uns
M=Mature Audiences (parental guidance reccomended if under 15)
MA=Need an adults supervision if under 15
R=restricted 18+

same with games and movies, but there are no R games
In canada its games:
EC- Early Childhood
KA- Kids to adults
E10- People 10+ (or with parental permission)
T- People 13+ (or with parental permission)
M- People 17+ (or with parental permission)
AO- 18+ (no parental permission)

G- General
PG- Parental Guidance (minor swearing, small violence)
14a- 14 or older (medium swearing, violence with blood, minor nudity)
18a- 18 or older (Lots of swearing, intense violense with spraying, gaping wounds, strong sexuality and drug use)
R- I'm not sure in Canada but in the states its the same as our 18a
XX-Lots of porn
XXX- Lots of really creepy, screwed up porn.
Monsteroids said:
Myehh.... Censorship is annoying, I understand it but seriously it is downright "CRAPPY!" :mad5: Now I watch PG-13 movies unless its a 1)Family Comedy/Drama(e.g. Family Stone 2) Hayao Myazaki/Studio Ghibli film(e.g. Nausicaa(?) Totoro) PG-13 is just the age area where interesting movies are, and Games? 2 hours of Kingdom Hearts followed by Halo!! Don't ask me why but seriously those rating companies don't rate properly.

my family didnt believe in censorship when i was little. when it came to movies, i remember watching the godfather sitting on my dads lap and i remember perfectly when "goodfellas" came on tape and we rented it from blockbuster and i watched it with my parents, brother (whos now 29), and grandparents.

games too. i mean whatever we wanted to play it was ours. i guess my parents knew we wouldnt turn out "f*cked up" from it? beats me but the system worked lol

my brothers a stock broker in manhatten (NYC) and im a cop (well maybe the system didnt work for me LMAO!) i think we're decent "kids"

i agree though the companies dont rate things properly.
well I was able to get it!! and i'm only 15 (when i got it I was 14) soo maybe you can just go and they'll let you slide (i went to EB games) but I never knew it was rated 16+ to be honest with you.
yobryan2001 said:
well I was able to get it!! and i'm only 15 (when i got it I was 14) soo maybe you can just go and they'll let you slide (i went to EB games) but I never knew it was rated 16+ to be honest with you.

Most stores don't even ID unless if its family friendly Walmart :wtf:
Here in the Bahamas, we don't have a age limit rating for games lmao But we have an age limit for movies.

Movie rating:

PG-13= anyone 13 and up can watch it by themself
R=18 and other to watch it. But sometimes they still allow the 14year older to get in there lmao

But that system is cool anyway. But when we need a game we just go in the store and buy it lol. Our games cost $75(1bahamian dollar is the same as 1 US dollar) at times depending on how new it is and for what console. That's why when i go away to the US i make sure buy games to last me a good while. Only games i want really bad, i would buy down here.
well at futureshop if there is commision etc at any store that sells games most of the time they dont care(unless its like a manager etc) i bought so many R or"18" movies at futureshop..find some pretty hot girl who looks bored and they dont care