1UP Wii 'Bait n' Switch' prank


Nov 5, 2006
joystiq.com said:
Even reputed game journalists are not above gullibility. GameVideos.com Director Mark MacDonald sent us word of a prank he played in the 1UP / EGM offices recently where he used pre-recorded footage of Metroid Prime 2 and Auto Modelista, a "replica Wii joystiq [sic]," and a laptop battery posing as a sensor bar to fool more than a few editors that they had gotten a retail Wii unit in early.

Dan Hsu caught on quickly, after launching into a mini-tirade about unreturned e-mails to Nintendo. A few others, however, were no so lucky, even sitting down to play the games for many minutes before realizing they were mere marionettes in a sick and twisted mind game. All the embarrassment has been caught on tape, uploaded, and embedded below.
This video is effin' hilarious. I'm still laughing. I'd be so embarassed if I was a few of those guys, hahaha.

GameVideos.com - 1UP Wii 'Bait n' Switch' prank
.....well its not a bad prank...but its not a great one......
Lmao, that made me laugh.
Really good prank IMO. I wish I could pull off something like that to my friends that want the Wii.
That video won't load for me... and I can't seem to find it anywhere else. :( Great website though, check out their shipment of Wii's here now if I could only get this prank to load, it'd probably be worth the patience finding it. :D
not gonna lie, i found that pretty humerous... i couldn't believe those guys actually thought they were playing at first