4th Monkey HELP!


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Nov 22, 2006
I just got my Wii today and have been playin Zelda the most. I have three monkeys but I can't find the fourth. Im suspicous of the boulder in the room with the plants that swallow you. The boulder is on a level blocking a door way but I cant seem to get a bomb up there. Do I need to blow this up or is that for later?
There is a monkey in a room behind the boulder. Use the bomb bug and throw it up on the ledge. Before you do that i suggest throwing one down on to the flower. I have found three so far as well but can't find the fourth. Where did u find your first three?
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theres the one with the bow. The one right across from the boulder with the huge boss plant thing. And the one in the room where u have to knock the cage down by rolling into it. Just search all the rooms its easy to find.