8-2 Mimi Won't DIE! Please help...


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Jan 14, 2012
Ok. Great game, but a bit frustrating at times!
I'm in 8-2 and fighting Mini Boss Mimi and I'm using Throeau and tossing rubies at her, and jumping on her head and nothing is happening. I jumped on her head 187 (I counted!) times on my last try (at 8 pts of damage each time) and honestly it just keeps going...and going...In the 3 questions before the battle I've tried all different combinations of answers, just in case is was a "code" or something. I've watched youtube videos and everybody seems to be doing just the same as I am, however with better results! If you have advice, please respond, I don't know what else to try.
thanks in advance...
Hmmmm, The combination I used was Shroom, a fire item and a sunflower... I don´t think it has any to do with that, check your level and the info Tippi gives you about Mimi, (Her HP) just to check you are doing the necessary damage, I would recommend to forget about the rubies, It makes all a little tricky in my opinion, good luck! :yesnod:
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Tippi says her max HP is "??" I assumed this just met a whole lot, but i didn't know it was impossible!
It says that cause u have to knock all of mimi legs off I had the same problem it's cause of that