actual controls?

Ugh, those are so totally photoshoped! It's just not going to happen and there's no rumor, Nintendo said it would be too complicated. While I'd be willing to see how it performed with the wiimote/nunchuk, it's just not made for 2D fighting games.
thats how they think it will be, nintendo has not say anything about that, so no way
There is no way that it will be like that. It just doensn't make sense, and those controls would be horribly hard to use.
thats a load of bs. they've already said they would not use the wiimote and they would be sticking to the GC pads. People just cant face the facts thats why they created all these rumour posts about SSBB being used on the wiimote
i no, its still a bit weird how u cant use wiimote, they might not make as much money as they could have as people have to buy extra peripherals but i reckon they will make special controller for non wiimote and VC controller and is similar to GCN
yeah those diagrams are pretty much crap that either ppl who dont know made up or ppl who want it that way made it. All the official crap on IGN said they werent going to use the wiimote so until further notice thats what im working with.
Nintendo Said, "Don't Throw Away Your GCN Controllers Yet, Because You Might Have To Use Them For Brawl."
There's hope SSBB can use the GC controller!!! Becuase the new DBZ lets you use the GC controller if you want.
Those arent the controls, there isnt even 2 types of attacks..and you can tell thats photoshopped, or even Painted, becuase Nintendo says: Nunchuku not Nunchuk and the lines pointing to the button are not how they do it in video game, you dont cover the the button then says whta it dose??!

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