Ads Air Tonight!!!(U.S.)


Waluigi The Great
Jun 12, 2006
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The first in a series of four 30-second commercials will air during the performance finals of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.The full version can be seen tomorrow on MTV2's Sucker Free. Other channels the ads will appear on are:
ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, BET, USA, TBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, ABC Family, Nick at Nite, Sci-Fi, TLC, Fox, The CW, MTV 10 Spot, MTV, MTV2, MTVU, Adult Swim, Fuse, Si TV, The N, VH-1,and Black Family Channel.

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MetroidZ said:
what time is it in US?
8:00 PM eastern standard time where I am is when the show comes on.
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MetroidZ said:
awww, someone please post it tomorrow then. record ur TV and post it ASAP, i think its gonna be the "Wii would like to play" Ad with the 2 Japanese guys.
It is, but the whole thing will air tomorrow on MTV2's sucker free @ 4:30