Ahhhh Its Overwhelming Me!


Aug 6, 2006
Help me! I'm starting to look at the new DS Lite Black more and more, its so beautiful and looks so tempting to buy, with all the success in it I'm not sure why I'm buying the Wii, remind me!!
It does look sexy...
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THATS ****IN NOT HELPING MARIO!!!!!!!!!! i dont have a job im only 13, i work for a greenhouse 2 times a year, for 1-2 month periods, thats it, but the DS has cheaper games, awesome games, and looks ohhh soooo sleekk *starts drooling*
power for its size,class(its sooooo beautiful:drool:)price:150-200$ how sweet is that,motion sensitive controller that is going to revolutionize gaming...can u say awsome???,FREE ONLINE PLAY!!!,and thats just the tip of the iceburg.....and u want a ds...................:lol:
dude the grafics on a ds are worse than a 64..... and all the games and awsome grafics on the wii...........
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graphics are n64 i believe, but as the console wars are saying: GRAPHICS ARENT EVEYRTING
AND ONCE AGAIN MAIRO...NOT HELPING!!!!! all though it does remidn me of ice cream which is fun..SAG
Sovieto said:
DS has all of that, and its 130

Good graphics? Meh.

Sleek? Yep.

Motion sense controller? No. A stick to point on the screen...

Free online? Yes, but quite limited. Wii will have much bigger games and online capabilities.

So I still say get a Wii.
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ive decided to wait awhile, see the Wii options, if they let me down then I go with DS
i have to say that the ds and the wii are in different ctagories i have a ds i love it and im getting a wii so you cant compare them but i know how you feel with the money situation