All if the Wii games coming out, are all of those able to play online?

ummm....i would think that all multiplayer games would be online......and no most likely you wouldnt be able to play gc games online......but all the good ones will probably be remade for the wii (ex. Metroid, Mario Party, Mario sports, etc.)
how would gc games even be playable online?.... they would have to of been pre-programed on shipping to be able to play online, maybe there is some kind of patch u can download to play them maybe?... not sure if that is even possible(probably not) ... i know they announced no 3rd aprty games will have wifi till 2007... so maybe nintendo will make some of their games wifi capable before then...
yankeesrule13251 said:
i hope madden and smash would be at least

Smash Bros is definatly going to be online! They wanted SSBB to be there first online game but unfortunatly they were behind schedule. And I also hope Madden will be online (I'm pretty sure it would be)
I would imagine that Nintendo would be pushing for as many games to use the Wii features like online connectivity as possible, so there should be lots.
battalion wars is 2nd party right? becuase the games are made by the company then published under nintendo so thats second party correct? Even though it shouldnt be coming out for awhile (i hope they touch up graphics, it seemed like they used the BW1 engine) so either way it should have online =D
i think its silly that they are only going to let first party games online since the is only going to be a select few first party launch titles.