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Sep 8, 2006
Hi I'm new here. This looks like a pretty great forum because I love discussing the Wii.

The Wii will actually be the first Nintendo console I buy. I played my friends N64 a lot, but this generation I bought a PS2. And I was planning to get a PS3 until more and more info came out about the Wii, and I saw the light. And I have pretty much become a full fledged Nintendo fanboy since, because after playing a few DS games on my friends DS, I got a DS instead of the PSP I planned on getting.
Great to have you here!

Yeah, I bought the DS when it first came out and at the time it didn't really feel comfortable and didn't have many good games. I bought the PSP thinking it would be great and it really was a waste of money. I sold it a while ago and now I can't wait to get a DS aswell. Are you gonna get a white one or a black one?
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