anybody own mario ddr??

I watched someone play it awhile back. Think Mario Party meets DDR.
lol... ok ever played mario party?..... ever played ddr?... EVER PLAY THEM AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?!? well now you can with mario DDR for the gamecube lol

jp i never played it but it didnt seem as fun as DDR
yankeesrule13251 said:
think mario part meets ddr??? what does that mean/????

Jeez dude, you must be pretty dumb to not know what that means. :crazy:
Read the post above me. :yesnod:
I own Mario DDR. It is defienetly not as good as REAL DDR. Much easier and the songs are that's right Mario Songs. It would have been better to have other nintendo songs, i wanted to play Zelda theam song lol. So overall it's an ok game if you really, really, really, suck at ddr and want to get better but dont have real ddr because you dont own a ps2 or x-box =p