Anyone else NOT get Wii Play because you didnt know?


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Nov 6, 2006
I just learned what Wii-Play was, I guess I was supposed to ask for it at the counter when I purchased my 3 extra controllers, Wii, and 3 games huh? I wonder if I can call Toys-R-Us, bring my receipt, and still get a copy...
I thought they didn't even release Wiiplay in the states?
huh??? you get Wii spoerts free but as far as i know Wii play isnt out yet. i havent seen it anyways
I think this guy just wanted to show off that he got the Wii, with three controllers, and 3 games... watch out, big shot rollin' through.
^^ heh, that may be.
I've pre-ordered Wii Play because it comes with an extra Wii-mote
£29.99 for a Wii-mote
£32.99 for a game + a Wii-mote, seems like a good deal to me :)
I have pre-ordered Wii-Play too. Same price as above. And as a bonus, all pre-ordered Wii-Plays get a free nunchuk. I thought this was standard (Wii-Mote and Nunhuck) but I've been told otherwise. Even if it is standard, woo :D
where did you preorder it at? do they have that deal everywhere or just at certain places?
Pre-ordered at a local "Game" shop. I even asked the guy twice if it meant both the wii-mote and nunchuk. I have it in writing. He can't take it back now!

Anyway, it' was in the big book of things to be released. Might be local but it didn't seem like it.
I'll be buying it, but mainly as a controller with a extra game, not the other way round.
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ABC said:
I think this guy just wanted to show off that he got the Wii, with three controllers, and 3 games... watch out, big shot rollin' through. it was a serious question. I'm sure many people got far more in the way of "extras" than I did, I mostly wanted to point out that I had already purchased 3 controllers. I honestly did not know it wasn't out yet, and am now a bit annoyed I already have my 4 controllers, I don't want to have to buy a fifth controller just to get Wii-Play.

Thanks to the others who actually posted helpful information though. Like Ocdan I looked it up and can't really find anything at all on Wii Play; I did find a few "user reviews" saying things like "Oh man, I'm loving the ping pong!", so I thought it was out.

Sorry to bother you with my naivety...

Yea, I just looked through the "How much did you spend..." thread, I'm definitely not a "big shot" with my 500 dollar purchase.

For those that dont know and havn't purchased games yet but intend to very shortly, Toys R Us is having a special (ends 25th I believe) where if you buy 3 games from a list you get 30 dollars off your total. Off-hand I remember

Trauma Center
Monkey Ball
Tony Hawk Downhill Jam
CoD 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Metal Slug

We got Monkey Ball/Trauma Center/Downhill Jam...Originally we were going to get the Rayman game, but decided to save the 30 instead...I'll pick that up when I can afford a couple more nunchucks to go with it :-D (we only have 2)
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Wii Play minigames WRU?! - Joystiq


Wii Play is the name of the free pack-in collection that Japan, Europe, and Australia are going to be getting when they drop some local currency on an additional Wiimote. The Wii Play minigames include Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, Fishing, Find Mii, Pose Mii, Shooting, Pool, Charge!, and Tanks.

Well, North American gamers, you'll be troubled to hear there continues to be no release date for a North American release of Wii Play. Hoping for a last minute retail inclusion? We received a retail Wii and Wiimote which were, despite our most fervent wishes to the contrary, sans Wii Play.

Doesn't look good anytime soon :(