Anyone got a cheap SNES?


Not at the table Carlos
Jun 1, 2009
Wii Online Code
I bet someone here has a SNES that they just have laying around and dont use anymore and wouldnt mind getting rid of. Well I might be the to take it off your hands :D

I'm pretty sure this isnt against the rules of the forum but if it is im really sorry. i couldnt find it aywhere in the rules so hopefully its not a problem

but really, PM me if anyone has a SNES that they would be willing to sell. I can only pay via paypal. thanks hope to find someone

(oh yeah, i wont buy unless all cords are present)
Just stop a kid from trading it to gamestop for cheap. Seriously who the HELL would do that? I've seen two kids do it. For as much as you got, you might as well left it collect dust in the corner.
I once went to fye to return two Wii games, they were willing to pay me $5 total. If you're looking to try to sell a game or game console, either EBay or a regular garage sale would be the wise choice.

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