Australia Wii game prices

I'm not to sure if its official yet but I think its aroudn the $65-$70 mark
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How much did the gamecube console, games and accesories cost initially for the Australian release?

I'm liking these prices!:D
m7ticalm said:
but the new GCN games are like 90-100, i havnt seen Super Mario Strikers for cheaper than $95
I've seen it for less than that
Ok I've worked out all this stuff so just give me a minute to explain, all these figures are based on the game Twilight Princess.

In japan it'll cost you 6,800¥ and if convert that over to US dollars its about $57 and I think its going to cost about $60 in the US(corect me if I'm wrong) so that means if you convert 6,800¥ to aussie dollars it'll be $76 therefore meaning it'll be around about $75-$85

So to wrap it all up in a nice neat little bundle it'll cost you between $75-$85 to purchase LoZ:TP for the Wii on December 7th (or whenever) That's my theroy anyhoo
Whilst I was at EB Games organising a preorder I had a look at the pricing for the games which were listed at $109 for each title, here's hoping that they're anticipating wrongly.
EB have all unknown prices as $109. I asked them about One Peice on PS2 and it said $109, now officially at $50

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