Banner Redesign


Jul 1, 2006
During my spare time I decided to redesign WiiChat's banner using Macromedia Fireworks. I have attached my redesign of WiiChat's banner below. I hope you like it and the admin are free to use it for the forums :).

JPG 576x124 Pixels:

If the admin want the editable PNG just PM me.
yes it's very well constructed, down to the wording. I like it a lot.
Supermariomp3 said:
You should put another Nintendo Icon on the other side like Donkey Kong or Link

no then it would take your eyes of mario, and the logo, and it would seem cluttered.

the banner is great just hoe it is IMO.
yeah it looks cool, I like it...and it fits with the color scheme, so it flows easily with what's already here. Nice work.
I like it, aswell. Just thinking, though, since we are not just talking about Mario, but Wii, maybe he could be holding/using the Wiimote in some way?

Just a thought:)

Good job, stickey_lable:cool:
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Thankyou very much for all your encouraging comments on the redesigned banner :).

I agree with -KB in that adding another Nintendo character such as Donkey Kong would be distracting and would draw focus away from the WiiCHAT logo and Nintendo's official mascot Mario.

Thankyou very much NateTheGreat with your excellent idea :). I used your great idea and put the Wiimote into Mario's hands although I'm not 100% sure that it looks real as there are a very limited amount of Wiimote images on the web. If anyone does or doesn't like it please comment :). Here is the updated banner:

NICE:) Yeah, wiimote pics like that are hard to come by; I'll keep an eye out, but that one looks pretty nice.

Hope they'll use that banner; much more interesting and it illustrates what wii (yeah, had to stick that in) all talk about and LOVE.