best dad ever?

Best dad ever? Not even close. :p An extremely generous, and caring dad? Yes.

... I'm sure most of our fathers don't come even a quarter as close to this much generosity. =/ I envy such an expensive gift.
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I would love a gift as his built for his daughter but not the color pink maybe black or red or gold or something. My dad bought 2 n.e.s. one for him in his room and one for me, so it was father and son bonding time with video games like Zelda, metroid, castlevania, rad racer, blaster master, kid Icarus, punch out and more. guess he loves my "hous of the dead overkill" cus when my parents were over i showed both that "HOTD Overkill" guess my dad loved it, next day he came over and said to me wher that zombie game?" i told him i didn't have i in , he said what surprised me how he loved or had a interest in the game "put the game in dammit" i was thinking "wow you much found the game very intriguing" he so loved killing zombies. i think he like the wii controls just aim and press "A" or "B" which i think gives you more reaction time.