best game

super smash bros brawl for sure. metroid prime 3 is pretty good and you cant go wrong with mario galaxy
Overall the best game would have to be Mario Galaxy.

Metroid Prime 3 is also great though and Madworld is awesome if you like beat em ups/M rated games.

Those have been my 3 favorite games so far.
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oh so far my favorite is mario kart but im trying to figure out which one i should buy next
get mario galaxy(really fun,amazing graphics,and the levels are just awesome! or super smash bros brawl(replay value like no other game, really fun with friends,again amazing detai/graphics youll have a "smashing time" =P pun intended)
Godfather: Blackhand Edition. It's the only good game that EA has made for the Wii.
Metroid Prime 3 is a rock solid effort from Retro Studios. It has the best controls out of any game in the series and some very clever puzzles. Twilight Princess is also a masterpiece, its very hard for me to pick between these two gems.

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